20 Reasons People Should Not Buy into the Van Life

By Shannon
20 Reasons People Should Not Buy into the Van Life

All over the internet, Van Life has been portrayed as an amazing way to escape your daily existence. Pictures of beautiful people parking their van near a beach so they can wake at dawn and go surfing truly does look like a dreamy way to live, especially if you’re still young and without a lot of responsibility. As the saying goes, “you only live once”, and some see a cross-country road trip as a way to live your life to the fullest. Some people also consider van life to be a good way to save money, since it means that they no longer need to pay rent on an apartment or a mortgage on a house. However, far too many people jump into buying a van and beginning this new lifestyle without fully considering the consequences of what might happen while living on the road. Here at Home Addict, we’re bringing you 20 very good reasons not to do Van Life. 

Smelly feet? There’s no escaping it in a van. Credit: Shutterstock

20. There’s No Escape From Bad Smells

When you live in a tiny space, there is no opportunity for you to escape things that smell bad. In a house, you can close a garbage can lid or a bathroom door and walk away without ever thinking too much about the bad smell. Unfortunately, van life comes with a lot of bad smells that you normally don’t experience all in one space. You have your trash, wet towels, dirty laundry, and possibly a toilet all in a tiny enclosed space. Even in those fancy vans with a door that closes on their composting toilet, owners admit that it makes the entire van smell like “number two” for several afters after doing the deed.

Living with a dog in a van can get stinky. Credit: Shutterstock

These smells force you to open the windows for ventilation. In the freezing cold winter, or the scorching hot summer, having the windows open might not be possible, or it could potentially make the issue worse. This is also not an option if it’s raining or snowing. And if you choose to have a dog, there are always a lot of stinky issues that come from having a canine companion. Those tiny tree air fresheners aren’t going to take away the stench of van life, so you can say “goodbye” to your living spaces that smell like candles from Bath and Body Works.