Living in a small space means that it gets messy very quickly. Credit: Shutterstock

19. It’s Difficult to Keep the Van Clean

When you live in a van, there is no such thing as a mud room or an entryway. Everyone loves the photographs of people pulling up to a mountain to ski right out of their van door, but no one thinks about the fact that your snowy boots and clothes are going to come off inside of that confined space. Your entire living space is the entryway, and there is nowhere else to go. This means that muddy shoes, sandy feet, hair, and anything else is constantly being dumped on your one small floor. Bare feet or socks will get soaking wet if you don’t clean it up immediately. If you are bringing a dog with you, this means you can expect to add shedding fur and “accidents” to the list of things to clean up.

When it snows, you’ll track snow into your home immediately. Credit: Shutterstock

Some people shrug their shoulders when they hear this, because they think that in a smaller space, it might be easier to clean up compared to a house. But people who live in a van are constantly cleaning up after themselves, because there is often no other way to live. For example, you can’t leave dirty dishes in the sink, because when you drive, your objects have to be secured and locked into cabinets. Objects can’t be left out, because they will break during transit. And if you’re camping somewhere, and you let things go for a few days, the mess can quickly pile up to the point where you look like you’re a hoarder. You won’t have the option of leaving the work off until later. And if you do, you will find yourself surrounded by a huge mess.