Is your house cluttered with a lot of things? Credit: Shutterstock

19. The House is Cluttered in General

Not everyone needs to be a clean freak. It’s only human to allow little messes to pile up from time to time. However, there is a major difference between someone who knows how to take care of themselves versus someone who is always very cluttered and their living space. We all know someone who is like this. Maybe now, it is not as bad as what you see on the Hoarders TV show. But if someone is already a very messy person, all it may take is a difficult time in their life where they feel a lot of depression for them to go over the edge into full-on hoarding mode.

Does trash accumulate around your home? Credit: Shutterstock

If you know that you already have a tendency to keep a messy house, try to change that habit. Instead of seeing it as a huge chore, remind yourself how wonderful you feel when everything is clean. Put on some good music, an audiobook, or podcast, and get to tidying. This is very similar to working out. At first, you might dread doing it, but you will eventually love doing it. Once you have incorporated cleaning into your life, it becomes very easy to keep up with.