25 Decorating Tips to Turn Any Home into a Country Dream

By Simi
25 Decorating Tips to Turn Any Home into a Country Dream

A couple of years ago, modern was all the rage. Everyone and their sister were obsessed with only the sleekest metals along with cool and sharp colors. Modern is excellent, modern makes one feel like they are living in the future. You know what modern is not? Modern is not warm. For some, this might not be an issue at all. But, there are others who want a home and not a house. What’s more, these people want a home that is warm. A home that is comfortable and a home that is live able. It is all well and good having the latest styles in your house. But, what good is it if you can’t lounge around on said furniture.

This is where country decor comes in. Country decor can not only be stylish, but it is also welcoming. This decorating makes one feel at home as soon as they enter the room. These people feel satisfied curling up with a blanket or sharing a meal with family in a room that speaks of the country. If this is the kind of home that you are looking for, then a full-scale remodel is unnecessary. What you need is just a couple of the following 25 tips to create a home that would fit right in in the country.

Up-cycled wooden box

With this little item color, shape and size are of little to no importance. The beauty here is its versatility. You can place it in the middle of the table with some lovely flowers or a couple of pieces of seasonal fruit.  The point is to add some color and character to an otherwise dull table.