Photo Credit: The Spruce Crafts

14. Add a table behind your sofa.

When people think about having a table around their sofa, they look for a coffee table to set in front. You might also look for end tables to put on the sides so you can have a lamp, pictures, places to set drinks, and other decor items. However, have you ever thought of putting a table behind your sofa? That’s right. It is another smart idea that can change the whole look of your living room. Even if your couch is up against the wall, all you need to do is build your little table, move your sofa away from the wall, and set the table behind it.

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Need some extra shelf space but don’t want to buy new shelves? You can build your mini shelf to fit behind your couch so that you have a place for the remote, your favorite books, and maybe a few plants or too. All you need is a plank of wood that fits the width of the space between your couch and the wall, and then attach four legs to each corner. You can even saw a small hole into the wood to feed your power plugs through for your electronic devices.