29 Bad Household Habits

By Trista
29 Bad Household Habits

Getting rid of bad habits is something everyone strives for in their lives. Those usually involve getting more exercise, eating healthier, and being kinder to people around them. However, what most people forget is that their homes need some attention too.

Instead of putting off chores or letting things sit around, it’s time to cut back on those lousy household habits that are making your home suffer.



1. Storing Things In the Oven

You may not use your oven as often as you do during the summer, but that doesn’t mean that you should use the inside of it as storage. Not only does this create a problem that’s out of sight so that you forget it, but it’s only going to get worse.

By shoving random things into your oven, you’re actually creating a dangerous fire hazard that could result in much harm. It’s best to use your oven as it was intended and put your belongings in their rightful place.