Building a pantry in your basement is a great way to get a lot of extra space. Credit: Shutterstock

28. Build a Pantry

If you don’t have room for a pantry near your kitchen, the next best options may be to build one in your basement. When you have a big family, you need all the extra storage you can get. This could be perfect to store your bulk products from places like Costco or Sam’s Club. Some people will build an actual closet pantry in their basement, so that they can close the door and enjoy the rest of the space for other things.

Sometimes a pantry is as easy as adding shelving. Credit: Shutterstock

On a tight budget? You can still use your basement for storage if you buy plastic stacking shelves. These can be taken apart and stored elsewhere if you ever decide to do something more extravagant in your basement. They can be reused in your garage or storage shed.