Thanksgiving crafts could be as simple as buying construction paper. Credit: Shutterstock

29. Find an Activity for the Kids

Thanksgiving is often like a large family reunion. So, it is likely that you may have nieces, nephews, kids, or grandkids coming over to stay. Don’t forget to give the kids an activity to do. Nowadays, parents tend to lean on technology to keep their kids occupied. Some kids are satisfied with sitting around and playing games on their Nintendo Switch or iPad. Others might want to go outside and play football.

Kids will love to get into the Thanksgiving spirit. Credit: Shutterstock

While this is all well and good, it will most likely take several hours for the dinner to be ready. So try to plan a crafting station ahead of time especially if there are younger children who are in the preschool age group. Try the traditional Thanksgiving crafts of making turkeys out of construction paper, autumn leaf hats, or pinecone pilgrims. You can find a million amazing Thanksgiving craft ideas on Pinterest. For older children, you could provide board games, puzzles, and playing cards.