Your cutting board should last for several years. Credit: Burst by Shopify

29. A High Quality Cutting Board

Cutting boards are essential for cooking almost any recipe. Whether you are chopping vegetables, meat, bread, or pretty much anything, you need a cutting board. Some people have marble countertops, which is possible for you to cut on top of. However, if you want to keep your counters in the best shape possible, you still need a cutting board.

This cutting board was specially made for pizza. Credit: Shutterstock

It is possible to buy a cheap plastic cutting board from somewhere like Walmart. The issue with those is that they will warp in the dishwasher, and may eventually crack or break. We recommend getting a wooden or bamboo cutting board that is going to last for years.  Once you invest in a high-quality cutting board, you just might have it for the rest of your life.