Clear organization bins are great for finding your items right away. Credit: Amazon

29. Use Clear Storage Containers

One of the most annoying parts of looking for your holiday decorations is trying to figure out where everything is. So many people like to use those red and green storage bins so that you immediately know they are Christmas decorations. But, of course, we never know exactly what’s inside. A great way to make your life easier is to store your items in clear containers. This way, you can see if the items you want are inside of the bin immediately.

This is an example of someone who has their containers super organized. Credit: Abby Organization

For extra organization, put labels on your bins with a list of the items that go in each box. You could use a sharpie and a piece of paper or masking tape. But if you would rather not trust your handwriting, considering buying a label maker. These are very cheap, and they can be used all over your house for different organizational needs.