Disposable film cameras are fun for guests. Credit: Pinterest

29. Give Everyone a Disposable or Polaroid Cameras

Most couples hire a professional photographer to take professional quality images of their wedding. We still highly recommend doing this no matter what. When you have a professional capturing the event, your guests can be present and fully pay attention to your wedding ceremony without worrying about taking pictures on their phone. But if you want to do something fun and different, you can provide your guests with disposable cameras. The images that come out on film look very different than digital images on a DSLR. Once the ceremony is over, they can be dropped into a box or basket, and the bride and groom can develop those images later.

Instant photo cameras are another great option. Credit: Pinterest

Some couples also choose to have polaroid cameras at their wedding. It is possible to buy vintage cameras and film on eBay, but it would actually make more sense to buy something like the FujiFilm Instax Instant Camera. Considering that these cameras can be expensive, most people only buy or two of these cameras so that guests can take turns taking selfies. Either way, it can be good fun, and a great thing for the bride and groom to take home with them.