34 US Historical Homes That Are Worth the Visit

By Trista
34 US Historical Homes That Are Worth the Visit

If you love history and architecture, mixed with a little bit of traveling, then this is the list of all lists for you! From the million-dollar mansions of New York City to the humble beginnings of the Midwest plains, there are a plethora of homes across the nation with both value and priceless significance.

Keep reading to check out the homes of some of the infamous billionaires in the United States to the birthplace of presidents, and everything in between. Even though Frank Lloyd Wright residences are probably your favorite aesthetically, it will be hard to choose which property you will want to visit next! Enjoy this epic list of historical American houses.



1. Monticello

Monticello, in Charlottesville, Virginia, is perhaps one of the most famous houses in US history. It was the home of the third US President, Thomas Jefferson, and served as his primary plantation. Jefferson used slave labor to run the 5,000-acre estate, which primarily grew tobacco.

The Neoclassical style home is featured on the US nickel. It was designated both a National Historic Landmark and a UNESCO world heritage site. Jefferson followed the Italian Renaissance design principles of famed architect Andrea Palladio in the construction of the house. Jefferson began building the home at only 26 years of age, on land inherited from his father.