37 Impractical Home Improvement Hacks That Don’t Help At All

By Trista

Keeping your home looking its best can feel like an exercise in futility. To make the job easier, there are some great hacks out there that are supposed to keep your home looking great without the hassle. However, some of these hacks are just silly or too impractical to put to use. To save you the trouble, here are some of the worst hacks for your home that you should probably avoid.

Credit: Flickr

1. Making Your Home Smell Better

Perhaps you want your home to smell a little sweeter, and what’s fresher than the smell of dryer sheets? This hack involves taking a dryer sheet and placing it in your air vents so that the scent can circulate your home.

However, this hack is not designed to work at all. It will only end up blocking your air vent so that no air will circulate at all, which isn’t very good for your HVAC system.