40 Apartment Decorating Ideas Couples Will Love

By Trista
40 Apartment Decorating Ideas Couples Will Love

Sharing an apartment with another person is a big decision. However, trying to decorate the tiny space can be equally tasking. You may not have the same style as your partner so finding a middle ground may inevitably lead to some arguments. Instead of hashing it out and resorting to a huge rock, paper, scissors battle, we’ve found 40 apartment decorating ideas you and your lover can use to transform your apartment into a home.



1. Family Trees

Bring the family together without having to set up for a big dinner party. Having a family tree is a great way to put all of those pictures to good use and dresses them up in a beautiful way that is easy to follow. Show off all the branches of both of your family trees so that people can see the story of how you two came together.