40 Biggest Mistakes Made While Trying Feng Shui

By Shannon
40 Biggest Mistakes Made While Trying Feng Shui

The whole point in practicing Feng Shui is to learn how to place your furniture in a way that get good vibes when you walk into a room. For people who whole-heartedly believe in the practice, they say that “Sha Qi” and “Si Qi” are bad vibes that can ruin the energy of a space. If you want to make sure your living space feels as great as possible, it will be necessary to rearrange furniture, art, rugs, mirrors, and so much more. (Basically, you will have to totally re-decorate.) However, Feng Shui can be very complicated. It deals with all sort of elements, sounds, and natural materials. The practice can be so complex, many people misunderstand their instructions during their Feng Shui journey. Here are the most common mistakes.

It’s not necessary to make everything look Asian in order to achieve Feng Shui. Credit: Shutterstock


40. Trying Too Hard To Make Everything Look Asian

Since Feng Shui originated in China, there are some people who assume that they need to make their home look Asian in order to achieve the effect. This is totally false. You can use Western decoration, and in many cases, you amy not even need to buy anything new at all. The whole point of Feng Shui is for you to rearrange objects in a home in order to fix the flow of energy in a positive way.