40 Items Under $30 that Make Life Easier

By Shannon
40 Items Under $30 that Make Life Easier

Whether you are moving into a new home, looking for a gift, or just browsing to see what what amazing life hack products are out there for you, we have you covered. These are 40 incredible household items for under $30.

The Butter Spreader will become a new staple at your summer cookouts. Credit: Amazon.com

40. The Butter Spreader

When you make corn on the cob, a lot of people will take a whole stick of butter to rub the corn in. However, it leaves the entire stick melty and indented, possibly leaving behind corn pieces in its wake. Some brilliant person out there invented The Butter Spreader, so that you can rub your corn with one edge, and leave the rest of the stick untouched for future use. Best of all, it’s just $6.49 on Amazon.