40 Reasons to Jump on the Tiny Living Train

By Shannon
40 Reasons to Jump on the Tiny Living Train

Tiny house living has become incredibly trendy in recent years, especially among Millennials who are thinking of alternatives to expensive housing. You may be wondering: What are the benefits of tiny house living? And is it a lifestyle that you would truly enjoy? Everything has its pro’s and con’s, of course, and you can find plenty of people online who have negative things to say about living in a tiny house. But here on Home Addict, we are going to talk about 30 reasons why you should consider living in a tiny home.

Most tiny homes are on trailers, so they can be taken anywhere. Credit: Shutterstock

40. The Ability to Travel With Your House

Imagine waking up in a new place every single day. You could park by the side of the mountain, the ocean, or almost anywhere in the country. Many people who want to take road trips around the United States claim that their tiny home helps them to reduce the cost of hotel rooms when they are traveling cross-country. Of course, you will need a trailer, and a truck that can handle toting the house around from state-to-state.