40 Safe Indoor Plants for Home and Pets

By Trista
40 Safe Indoor Plants for Home and Pets

A common concern for people interested in entering the houseplant hobby (and it is an addicting hobby) is finding plants that are safe for pets, especially cats, and young children. Cats are notorious plant nibblers, and children are often curious about bright, beautiful new things that come into the home. Many houseplants are mildly toxic, such as ordinary greenhouse finds like Dieffenbachia or Dumb Cane, while a few are actually seriously toxic and can significantly harm animals and humans, like the Euphorbia cactus family. Read on for a list of 40 beautiful, elegant plants that will add color and vitality to your home without putting your beloved family and pets at risk!




1. Christmas Cactus

Many cactuses are unsafe for children and pets due either to toxins or the long, sharp spines that make cactuses famous. However, the Schlumbergera genus of cacti is a beautiful, safe addition to your home that not only adds green but a pop of color. The Christmas Cactus is a hardy green cactus native to Brazil, that flowers around Christmas in the northern hemisphere, hence the name. It is typically quite easy to find Christmas Cacti in greenhouses and home improvement stores from Thanksgiving to Christmas, so keep your eyes open for this largely spineless and non-toxic cactus!