60 Things To Get Rid Of In 2020 For a Minimalist Home

By Shannon
60 Things To Get Rid Of In 2020 For a Minimalist Home

Living a minimalist lifestyle feels incredibly liberating for a few reasons. It’s easier to keep your home clean, it saves money, and it helps you to love and appreciate the things you already have. Those those who are just getting started with minimalism, it might seem a bit overwhelming to look around your home and see all of the excess stuff. How could you possibly get rid of these things you have held onto for years? It’s actually a lot easier than you would think, and there are certain items that should be easy to say goodbye to. Here are 50 things that you should be able to get rid of immediately from your home. 

Go through your closet to donate unused clothes. Credit: Kaboom Pics

60. Clothes That Your Don’t Wear Anymore

Nearly everyone has clothes and their closets that they don’t wear anymore, so it should be an easy place to start on your minimalist journey. Make a giant pile of clothes on your bed, and start to go through your items one-by-one. Split up your clothing into three piles of keep, discard, and donate. Most towns will have clothing donation bins, or you can go to your local thrift store. If you need help getting started, check out our other article called 20 Ideas on Purging a Bedroom Closet For More Space.