50 Things You Should Always Buy at the Dollar Store

Hizkiail - May 29, 2021

42. Toothbrushes

For guests and after sicknesses, Dollar Tree offers name-brand brushes like Colgate for nearly a third of the price of others.

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43. Wrapping Paper

Dollar Tree offers bulk packaging of 48 rolls of assorted wrapping paper for $48, so you’ll be set for the whole year.

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44. Vases

Instead of paying top dollar for a new vases every time you get a bouquet, opt for these cheaper options from Dollar Tree instead. They’re simplistic in design, but the flowers are what people are looking at anyway.

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45. White T-Shirts

For tie-dying and other DIY projects, Dollar General offers a three-pack of Hanes crew neck t-shirts for a third less than competitors.

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46. Brooms and Dust Pans

Stock up on these cleaning essentials for just $1 each at stores like Dollar Tree compared to paying up to $15 elsewhere.

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47. DIY Party Favors

For weddings, baby showers and more, Dollar Tree offers DIY supplies — plus ideas— for just a buck each.

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48. Beach Toys

If you’re planning a vacation, hit up the dollar store beforehand. Their cheap prices will save you more on buckets, shovels and more than the shops in beach towns.

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49. Candy

Everyone knows to stock up before hitting up the movie theater. But did you know dollar store prices are up to a third less that drugstores? So, you’ll save even more before the show.

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50. Hair Elastics

When you pay $2 less than what you’d typically at the drugstore, you won’t feel as bad when you miraculously lose all of your hair ties.

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