Mississippi Blues Travelers

3. Exterior

Before entering the gates of Graceland, fans can see a historic marker with a short biography of Elvis Presley. The sign sits in front of a brick wall protecting the property. The brick has been decorated with thousands of messages from Elvis Presley fans who have come from all around the world to visit Graceland. After entering the gates, guests can see the sprawling mansion. Graceland is a beautiful two-story home.

Originally Graceland was 10,266 square feet, but renovations made over the years have increased it to 17,552 square feet. The mansion was built on the top of a hill with rolling pastures in front and behind it. Graceland looks west towards the Mississippi River. There’s a curved driveway that loops in front of the home. The building is protected by a wall constructed with pink Alabama fieldstone. The residence is in the Classical Revival style and has a side-facing gabled roof made with asphalt shingles. On the north exterior side wall is a chimney; another one is on the south side of the house. Facades on the front and sides of the home are veneered with Mississippi Tishomingo limestone.