Over 30 Common Items that are Poisonous to Dogs

By Trista
Over 30 Common Items that are Poisonous to Dogs

Most dog owners would do anything for their four-legged companions. Whether it is daily love and affection, a favorite spot on the living room sofa, or annual check-ups with the local veterinarians, these dedicated owners would never knowingly put their beloved furry friends in any real danger.

Even the best intentions may not be enough. There are several seemingly harmless items and places all around that could pose a potential threat to dogs. Every dog owner should read and keep this list in mind to protect them from unsuspecting dangers.

Sick puppy. Shutterstock.

Blue-Green Algae Poisoning

Melissa Martin had taken her dogs Harpo, Abby, and Izzy out for a walk one summer evening. The pair of pups chased each other, played with a ball, and rolled around in the mud near a local pond. It started as a fun night until it was discovered that the dogs had become very sick very quickly.

The dogs died that night. They had contracted blue-green algae poisoning, which was growing in the standing water. It only took 15 minutes for Harpo to pass away. Melissa said she was devastated that there was no warning signs or any preventative measures in place that could have saved her beloved dogs.