Cyanobacteria is common during the summertime when waters are warmer. Pixabay

What Is Blue-Green Algae Poisoning?

Blue-green algae poisoning comes from cyanobacteria, which can be found in bodies of fresh or saltwater. The toxic bacteria thrive when the weather is warm (typically above 75 degrees) and sunny. The intoxications are most common in the summer, and the algae are fatal to dogs, which can succumb to the condition quickly. According to Pet WebMD, the canines can perish days, hours, or even minutes after they are exposed.

These primitive forms of algae have harmful algal blooms that can be found in all 50 states. They are also harmful to humans. More dogs die from this type of poisoning because they are more likely to ingest them. Many veterinarians say that while the toxic algae have been around for centuries, the number of poisonings are becoming more common.