Stylish Home Decor for Under $40

By Shannon Quinn
Stylish Home Decor for Under $40

With everyone staying at home more, it only makes sense to totally embrace our surroundings. Whether you’re looking to shop for yourself, or find a gift for a friend, there’s almost always a reason to buy a home accessory. The only issue is that many affordable home decor products are a bit tacky, or trendy to the point where it will be out of style year from now. Here at Home Addict, we have put together a list of products that are chic and classy, all for under $40 each. These should stay in style for years to come.

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The many angles of the female face vase. Credit: Fatty Bee

40. This Face Statue is Both Art and a Vase in One

A great way to easily add an element of design to your home is by swapping out your plain flower vases for sculptural ones. There are a lot of different sculptural vases on the market for under $40. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you don’t necessarily have to choose this one in particular.  Find a sculptural vase that fits in with your home current aesthetic. However, I personally chose this gorgeous bust of a woman’s face and neck. There is something so beautiful about the feminine figure, and it has been admired for most of human history. When you think about statues you see in museums, they’re still admired for their beauty, no matter how old they are.

The vase with flowers inside. Credit: Fatty Bee

Busts of heads and shoulders have been popular home decor for hundreds of years, especially in stately homes. Most places will pay homage to a celebrity or historic figure, but his one in particular seems to represent femininity as a whole. And when you add flowers inside, it almost looks like the woman is wearing a flower crown on top of her head. This shouldn’t go out of style for a long time. And as long as your house is still decorated in the same style, it should still fit in with your decor, until you’re ready for a makeover.