Delicate laundry needs to be washed separately from other fabrics. Shutterstock.

Organize Per Fabric and Person

Now consider the materials and sort them separately. This concept is to protect the texture of the fabrics that can save your clothes from tearing off. Make sure that the pieces of clothes with zipping, chains, and sharp edges or designed buttons are washed with special care.
Separate your delicates as well from the rest of your laundry, as they need a much gentler cycle to avoid tearing.

Kids’ clothes have more stains and dirt on them, so you should create a separate pile for kid clothes or pet items.  It is a helpful idea as the kid’s and pet’s clothes are the muddiest ones or contain food stains or debris. So pile them up to a separate lot, and you are done with the basics of sorting. It’s best to get a helping hand when you are sorting your laundry.