Tis The Season To Sport Our Ugly Christmas Sweaters And Rock It

Hizkiail - November 15, 2021

It’s always a lovely and cheerful time when we start seeing homes adorned with the finest Christmas decorations to help us get into the spirit. Not only do they make you feel excited about the upcoming celebrations, but they really are beautiful to lay eyes on. Thousands of tiny bulbs twinkle gently in the winter snow, trees glisten with Christmas ornaments, and homes adorn a comfortable and welcoming hearth on the front porch. If people believe that only homes and public venues are exclusively decorated for this favorite season, then you are mistaken. Anyone can also be a moving and chatting festive ornament. If you’re not sure where to start, enjoy our collection of ugly yet entertaining Christmas sweaters that are sure to make you crack up!

Hairy Christmas

Yes. You best believe that this design actually made the cut! It’s hair raising, that’s what it is! He could have shaved on this day that he knew he would show off this sweater. However, aren’t sweaters supposed to keep you warm?

Image courtesy of Pigmy/Reddit

But at the end of the day, it’s about the look on his face. He’s happy. He’s practically beaming. If he gets even more jovial, then a spot in Ted Lasso would open up for him. That’s what matters, doesn’t it, being happy?


We don’t know why this is in the ugly sweater category. We’re really scratching our reads. You can see and feel the effort that has gone into making this amazing creation from scratch. Our opinion is that it looks amazing as a tree, not a sweater.

Image courtesy of Mr. Noack/instructables.com

The ingenious idea to put the Santa Claus body there, so it aligns with the face must be commended. Just look at the level of decorations in this apparatus. It really looks like Santa is reaching out to put a star on top of this wild tree!

Highly illogical sweater

Spock is a fictitious but famous character from the Star Trek film and television series. Spock initially appeared in the first series as a scientific analyst and the first officer aboard the starship USS Enterprise and subsequently as an officer in command.

Image courtesy of punkprojects.com

He was the commanding officer for two phases of the ship. The legendary actor Leonard Nimoy played him. After all those years, Star Trek still has a dedicated following among its fans. So it’s not rocket science to think that these sweaters would sell like hotcakes.

Gassy sweater

The more and more antiquated and tacky the pullover is, the merrier. So, rejoice in Granny’s cheerful, one-size-fits-all invention. Put on the finest and the most ridiculous Christmas sweater, become sweaty and uncomfortable, and enjoy all the looks you receive.

Image courtest of TaborsTreasures/Etsy

Whoever is wearing this will surely be the talk of the town or party. Because who can not break the ice when they see Santa Claus farting on a sweater? What would have really sold this further is if the designer added Santa’s head to the back.

“Oh they really went there and did that” sweater

Well, as far as raunchy costumes go, these two really take the, um, carrot? We guess they don’t ‘carrot’ all at what kind of joke they potentially created with this costume. They seem to be content and happy that they stand out from the crowd.

Image courtesy of forums.thebump.com

While the lady’s suggestive placement of the carrots indicates what needs to be indicated, we’re not too sure about the gent’s tummy level carrot. Oh, wait! Silly us. We just saw the ornaments down below, and now we get it.

Hotline Bling sweater

In Hotline Bling, another one of Drake’s greatest singles yet, he draws a vivid image of the hip-hop genre’s powerful stars. Drake’s lyrics are full of brilliant descriptions of ladies wearing few items, and the music video can attest to that.


The video also allows the viewer to watch Drake dance his life away with his brilliant “movies” that shocked the world and made fans love him even more. Drake is aware of the situation. It’s all about giving into passions. That’s what makes this sweater so, um, hip.

Shake it off

A snow globe with a gingerbread man in the middle. Sounds quite general and obvious. But, this person right here thought, “why should I be thinking generally when I could be thinking outside the box?” He’s not wrong, you know.

Image courtesy of ryeomans1/instructables.com

So, he went ahead and planted the snow globe in his Christmas sweater like it’s the most normal thing in the world to be doing. We sure hope that he got stopped and shaken like a snow globe whenever he was with people.

What seems to be happening here?

There’s a certain, indiscernible level of magic when couples coordinate their outfits. That sense of magic deepens when they create costumes to fit into an existing topic like movies, a tv-series, or any other pop culture event that is still relevant.

Image courtesy of sleazemag.com

But, when we lay our eyes on these, we are actually at a loss for words. It seems like it’s Rudolph with the red nose. But, is he vomiting all that candy or eating it? We guess we’ll never know the answer to this question.


We think most of you have seen people in movies or TV shows that act as living art. Basically, they choose living people to pose as artwork. If we remember correctly, there was a particular scene involving living art in the movie The Nice Guys.

Image courtesy of heathiepants/Instagram

In that particular scene, Ryan Gosling places his glass on living art, mistaking it for a table. That means that the performer was that good! The relevance between that scene and this is we wanted to highlight the artistic transformation. Plus, it’s not that bad, actually.


Camouflage conceals humans or other creatures using a wide range of materials, colors, or lighting, either by rendering themselves difficult to notice or by masquerading themselves as something else. The spotty coat of a leopard is an outstanding example.

Image couresy of funny/Reddit

A third strategy deceives the spectator with something like a prominent patterning, keeping the object observable but temporarily more difficult to detect. The reason for this long explanation is because this sweater is like wearing a hedge around your torso. It serves as perfect camouflage.

Santa Kardashian

We might be pretty sensitive about this next topic, but nearly everyone who is anyone knows about the Kardashians. At the very least, we have heard about them. Attention and the Kardashians are like iron shavings to a magnet. It’s inevitable.

Image courtesy of Cash_Johnny/Reddit

In the same vein, we’re sure most of you remember the image that broke the internet. It was a viral photo of Kim popping open a champagne bottle right into a glass that’s perched on her ample, um, posterior. Well, here’s the ugly and raunch Christmas sweater version of it.

Rudolph the Mutated

The chances of at least some of you hearing about geoducks is not that slim. For the uninitiated, the geoduck (called “gooey duck”) is a big bivalve that is indigenous to North America’s west coast. Geoducks dig deep under loose, wet, or granular substrates.

sharingthestoke / Instagram

So this lengthy “neck” is indeed the clam’s funnel for bringing clean saltwater downwards to the submerged shell. They are indeed the biggest digging clams on the planet. That’s what our first impression was when we saw the “antlers.”

Think you can get behind this sweater?

Speaking of cheeky sweaters, this really takes the cake. We just love to take a look at the brain of whoever thought of this naughty gem that we see here. It must be a person of little impulse control who make great company.

Image courtesy of saudos.com

How can anyone not be a great company if they can think of ideas such as this? A reindeer pooping out jellybeans. Isn’t that a treat? This also leads us to think about whether the diet of reindeer matched that of Santa.

Bauble sweater

What is the arbitrary reference point which makes a sweater ugly? Wearing it in the season to be jolly makes it a Christmas sweater for sure. But what really makes it stand out? Is it the lights? Is it the pattern? You tell us?

sykophreak / Reddit

Another dilemma we face when we see this picture is there is no way on earth that people consider this one ugly. Just look at his happy face. He’s quite content with his efforts in making a sweater that matches his jolly holiday spirit.


It’s really adorable when we see couples like this. Sure, the sweaters are really cringe-worthy, but we have to appreciate the effort these two put into them. They are always trying to rekindle their spirit after all these years together.

Image courtesy of canfisher.com

Committing isn’t easy. But, the moment you make up your mind and commit to the life ahead, you can expect really wonderful memories. But then again, we hope that these sweaters aren’t a part of those very bright memories.

Fireplace sweater

Fashion goes in and out of style. Throughout the years, new trends come and go then come back around again. However, it’s uncommon for clothing to both be out-of-style and fashionable during the same period. During the 80s’, fashion no-nos hit their peak.

Image courtesy of funnyjunk.com

The jumpers we call “ugly” today reached their pinnacle of appeal. Christmas sweaters are among the few designs that people of all generations wear. There is also someone who sincerely appreciates an ugly sweater for each and every person who sarcastically adores them.

Disco Annie Oakley Sweater

Cowboy buckskins are frequently finished with fringes or quills, which were initially intended to help the fabric drain rainwater and dry quicker by acting as a network of threads to disseminate the moisture. These additionally acted as a sort of sporting disguise.

Image courtesy of therileymancan/Reddit

They split up the user’s appearance and help them to merge in along with their surroundings. That’s what those dazzling tassels are for, if you didn’t know. But, to be honest, we’re not exactly sure what this arrangement is for.

Leg lamp sweater

Most of you won’t remember the movie, A Christmas Story. This favorite Christmas film depicts the wintertime antics of a schoolboy named Ralphie Parker, who feels comfortable avoiding a bully and fantasizing about his perfect holiday gift, a “Red Ryder air rifle,” inspired by the funny works of novelist Jean Shepherd.

Sasquatchii / Reddit

Ralphie, who is constantly in conflict with his grumpy father but soothed by his adoring mom, strives to keep his spectacles and his aspirations alive until Santa comes. That’s where the inspiration for this sweater is from. The leg lamp!

12 days of Christmas sweater

The span between the birth of Jesus as well as the arrival of the Magi, the trio of wise men, is known as the 12 Days of Christmas in the Christian religion. It starts on December 25th (Christmas) and ends on January 6th.

dbrank / Reddit

This time period of 12 days is immortalized by the song, The 12 Days of Christmas. Nobody knows of its actual origin, and some say that it is French. However, it gave rise to this ugly but hysterical sweater.

Rudolph the Purging sweater

Robert Lewis May developed Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, a mythical reindeer. Rudolph is traditionally represented as the last and youngest of Santa Claus’s reindeer who helps guide Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve with his dazzling big red nose and bright personality.

Image courtey of skinflaps/Imgur

Rudolph is teased and rejected by his companions for his clumsiness, but he redeems himself by leading the herd through a storm. We get the moral of the song and the story, but what’s with the purging reindeer on the sweaters? Is this something we don’t know about?

Cosmic cat sweater

We may trace the origins of the ugly Christmas sweater comeback back to 1980s tv. We’ll focus on famous TV series starring the Huxtables that’s titled after a performer who will not go into describing in this article. The familial leader really was a fan.


He liked Intricately crocheted sweaters that had contrasting color schemes, so much so that his moniker became associated with the trend. The ugly sweater’s endurance as a style choice is probably due to the broadcast and the show’s continued cultural significance.

What seems to be the plan here?

Is there something about the unattractive pullover that we adore? Could it just be a snarky remark about the festive overabundance? Is there truth to the fact the hilarity of everybody’s attire allows them to put down their shields? It is to be discovered.

Image courtesy of sharebly.net

All we know with certainty is that the ugly sweater is still just as fashionable as it was during the 80s. Do not be a guy at the Christmas party by bringing out all the cheesiest gifts that your grandmother made for you. Be the one that keeps this tradition alive!

Nutcracker sweater

A nutcracker is a device that cracks thick hulls of nuts to extract them. Gears, cranks, and ratchets are among the many designs available. Lobster and crab claws are cracked using the lever variant. An ornamental variation depicts a human soldier.

Image courtesy of shareably.net

The nutcracker’s jaws serves as the cracker. Also, something most of us remember when we hear nutcracker is the suite by the legendary composer Tchaikovsky. We do get the love, but to go to lengths to stick them to your sweater, we are not quite sure.

Freebie sweater

A tchotchke is a little decorative bauble, trinket, or random object. Jews have historically used the old term in the United States as well as in local dialects in New York and beyond. It comes from the Yiddish language.


Free promotional products are given away at trade exhibitions, conferences, and other promotional occasions are also referred to as “freebies.” We think she would be an ideal candidate if you want a radical idea to create a Christmas sweater unlike any other.

Looks adorable

The stories about how pregnant women glow are not exaggerated at all when you see this picture. Her radiant smile, coupled with the cute reindeer on the front, really lends to this claim. Also, if you wonder if it’s Rudolph, it is him!


It features his sparkling, vibrant red nose. Rudolph, as we said before, is often depicted as the ninth and youngest of the reindeer cared for by Father Christmas. He is shown leading the reindeer group and directing Santa’s sleigh the day before Christmas and continues to lead the race when it comes to Christmas sweaters.

Jurassic Park sweater

Who can forget Jurassic Park? That movie really does hold its ground 28 years after its release. Yes! It has been nearly three decades since we saw the power of computer-generated imagery, which took cinema in a whole new direction.

Image courtesy of dakang727/Reddit

Scores by John Williams and direction by Steven Spielberg, this movie includes all those awesome dinosaurs, especially the T-Rex! Remember that scene where the T-Rex chases Ian Malcolm and runs into Gennaro in the toilet and just eats him like a pop tart. That’s what’s happening on this sweater.

Red nosed sweatshirt

Our society has made a preoccupation with reminiscence and perfected its dramatic irony over the past several decades. Those two elements, when combined, have prepared the path for the nasty Christmas sweater’s rebirth. In society today, it’s very likely to have similar tastes.

Image courtesy of CreativeCallipiper/Etsy

Your grandpa and yourself could share similar tastes in clothing. However, when did raiding your grandpa’s wardrobe and wearing his huge, traditional Christmas jumpers became appropriate? No one knows for sure, but we do know one thing for sure. This sweater is cute!

He seems, chill

Well, there’s one sweater where people would actually know if you feel a bit cold. Not because of the material the sweatshirt is made of, but because of the absence of the material where the sweatshirt is most needed, actually.

image courtesy of funnyjunk.com

The funniest thing here we notice is that the two antlers are on top of the “reindeer.” They seem to us like two “Y”s, which is almost close to the exact sentiment we have when we see this iteration. Why, oh why!

Potato Head sweater

Mr. Potato Head is a toy that consists of a model kit of a spud “head” through which a number of pieces of plastic, such as mouth, headwear, nose, footwear, clothes, ears, and eyes can be attached. George Lerner originally created Mr. Potato Head in 1949.

Image courtesy of shareably.net

It was initially produced and marketed by Hasbro in 1952. This was the first toy to be sold on tv, and it has been in existence ever since and popularized by the movie Toy Story. No wonder this adorable couple chose this as a motif. Cute!

Hearth sweater

In the 1950s, when the Festive period would become increasingly profitable, Festive season sweaters were among the first mass-produced produce on a grand scale. The first-generation terrible sweaters, dubbed “Jingle Bell Sweaters,” had a limited following for ages to come.

Image courtesy of christi_nana/Instagram

The Christmas sweater did not reach widespread popularity only until the 80s. After that, well, only the sky was the limit when it came to absurd ideas. Just look at this fireplace theme she has going on. She’s rocking it if you ask our opinion.

Feline sweater ultra

In the Christmas favorite National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, the ugly sweater got quite a lot of television viewing. Ever since the 1989 debut of the film, we’ve seen the Griswold household appear on decorative sweaters that really are absurd when you study them.


This is by contemporary standards but only moderately trendy for the 1980s. The use of ugly Christmas sweaters in this movie was a well-known attempt at self-awareness when it came to ugly Christmas sweater donning. Chevy Chase’s sweaters in 1989 straddled the border between sarcasm and genuine ’80s style.

Another barfing reindeer

The ugly sweater found its way up to the elite world of haute couture following its acceptance as a way to release and display one’s holiday spirit. Riccardo Tisci, an Italian artist, developed a line of quite chic angora sweaters with Givenchy in 2010.

Image courtesy of firerank.com

Dolce & Gabbana debuted its range of so-ugly-it’s-beautiful jumpers as a portion of its 2011 autumn collection. The ugly Christmas jumper has been a hallmark of autumn and Christmas runway design in latest years, and it can be seen in stores like H&M, Bloomingdale’s, and Macy’s.

Hum-Pug sweater

A humbug is an individual or entity who deceives others, usually in mockery or as a prank. The term was originally defined as school jargon in 1751 and then as a “seafaring term” in 1840. It’s now commonly seen as an interjection.

Image courtesy of ebaumsworld.com

This now characterizes anything as ridiculously dishonest or nonsensical. Humbug is a phrase that came into everyday usage with the Charles Dickens novel, A Christmas Carol. But you all get the joke here, right? Hum-pug! Pretty smart, that one.

Christmas trail mix sweater

Now we get people going all out to make the most unique and ugly Christmas sweater. You have just passed 30+ instances of some really great, weird, and ugly sweaters as you scrolled down to get to this point. This is where we become mute.

Image courtesy of pheesh/Imgur

Why? Because it’s tough to anticipate the thought process behind this one. That’s why we thought to refer to it as the trail mix sweater because it really does mix in everything that is relevant to the spirit of Christmas.

Nope. Not made out of real skin

It’s unknown when the very first “ugly” holiday sweater was invented. However, the search for the best ugly Christmas jumpers resurfaces each December. We don’t think it gets any worse than the looks of something like this abomination of a sweater.

Image courtesy of Amazon

If you were curious as to how Santa Claus looked under all that flaming red clothing, well, now you have an idea. Too late! There is no going back when it comes to this. You were curious to see this, so you will remember it forever.

Wait a minute. Where’s Santa’s belt?

Wherever these are sold, it seems like a great place to go for outrageously humorous Christmas sweaters.  This particular sweater, which depicts Santa leaning over to distribute gifts while inadvertently revealing a really big wardrobe malfunction that we are all familiar with.

Image courtesy of tipsyelves.com

This is among our favorites from what we have seen so far. We particularly enjoy the sweater’s rich holiday colors, which make it unique. Not to mention the incident, which is the “butt” of the joke. It really makes us want to buy one just to see the reactions of people.

Hawaiian sweater

R. Alex Anderson wrote Mele Kalikimaka, a Christmas song with Hawaiian vibes, in 1949. Mele Kalikimaka, which means “Merry Christmas” in Hawaiian, is really the name of the song. Bing Crosby and also the Andrews Sisters put on one of the very first performances.

Image courtesy of Xichlali/Reddit

They performed this song in 1950 for Decca. Several musicians have performed it, and it was included in various films. It’s pretty ingenious how they fused together the tropical vibe with Christmas, like the creative and funny design of this sweater.

Doggy dog sweater

It’s reasonable to say that we are happy for Snoop Dogg to rap us a goodnight tale on Christmas Eve, no matter how old we are. The face of the musician is featured on this next sweater, along with a phrase from a Snoop-ified rendition of a Christmas song.

Image courtesy of redbubble.com

That modified lyric is from A Visit from St. Nicholas.  With this, it won’t take much to be the coolest, illest cat in the room. Fo shizzle, ma nizzle. It really has that east coast meets west coast on Christmas vibe that few can emulate.

Birthday sweater

Technically speaking, Christmas is the birthday of Lord Jesus. From what we know, the scripture does not specify December 25th to be the day of Christ’s birth. In fact, the scripture is vague with regards to the day or season when it occurred.

Image courtesy of jgeorgeff89/Reddit

There is no indication as to when Mother Mary claimed to have delivered a newborn in Bethlehem. The oldest Believers did not commemorate his birthdate. Actually, even to this date, no one is 100% sure as to who or what made the date officially.

We kept the butt end of the joke, for last

Wow! Whoever made this monstrosity really thought it through. Just look at the rendition of that buttocks. We’re pretty sure it was molded from the butt of some willing volunteer who wanted to be discreet, but it’s actually crazy.

Image courtesy of funnyjunk.com

They even thought to add curly hairs to the cheeks! Ewwww. But good job when it comes to giving attention to detail. They really outdid themselves when it came to ugly Christmas sweaters. That’s it, people, the search is over! Everyone can go home now.