Air purifiers can be extremely beneficial to you by offering cleaner, healthier air even while sleeping. CNN.

With the global pandemic, some companies claim their air purifiers can combat the transmission of airborne diseases.

Given the world’s state, the hot question on everyone’s mind is, do air purifiers prevent coronavirus? The simple answer is no. Air purifiers do not prevent the spread of coronavirus. The CDC reports that the deadly virus is primarily spread through person-to-person contact or contact with contaminated surfaces and objects. Several hundred scientists have asked the World Health Organization to acknowledge how the virus is spread throughout the air.

However, it is still vital for everyone to understand that the simple filtering of airborne particles would not help stop the virus’s spread. Coronavirus particles are microscopic. In fact, the average size of the coronavirus particle is less than the 0.3 micron limit for HEPA filters that are found in air purifiers. This is a terrifying and important fact. Even if the coronavirus microbes made it into the air purifier, they are likely to elude filtration still. The research and data so far suggest it is unlikely that air purifiers will help with coronavirus. If your sole purpose for researching and purchasing an air purifier is to help prevent or slow the transmission of coronavirus, you may want to ensure you are doing your research. Purchasing a sanitizing air purifier is a personal decision.