If you love the great outdoors, try to mke a home that reflects that. Credit: Shutterstock

19. What’s Your Story?

When most people try to decorate their homes, they might feel intimidated, because they don’t have any interior design experience. They feel as though they don’t understand the rules of decorating, and are therefore going to make a mistake. Some people also try to find a photo in a magazine to model their home after, or just buy whatever is trendy in the moment. If you choose to decorate based on trends, you are likely to get tired of it very quickly. During an interview, Joanna Gaines said,  “It’s not about rules. It’s about ‘How do we tell our story?’” 

This bedroom was decorated for a teenager who loves traveling. Credit: Shutterstock

Your home should be a reflection of you as a person. What are your priorities, interests, and goals? A great way to get started is by discussing your interests together with your partner. Once you have identified who you are as a couple, you can begin to tell your story. For example, if you both enjoy horseback riding, you might want to create an homage to equestrian sports in your home. Or, if you love to travel, you can show off some of the things you have done around the world. The key is to be able to walk into a room and think, “This is very ‘me'”.