20 Life Changing Skin Care Tools and Products

By Shannon Quinn
20 Life Changing Skin Care Tools and Products

If you’re staying home, you have most likely stopped wearing makeup every single day. This can be a great thing! It’s giving your skin a well-deserved break. So instead of buying more makeup, you may want to take this opportunity to enhance the appearance of your skin. And once you’re ready to get back to normal life, your stellar complexion will make you feel radiant and confident. Here are some of the best affordable skin care products on the market.

Drunk Elephant is one of the best skin care brands on the market. Credit: Drunk Elephant

20. The Dunk Elephant Retinol Serum is a Holy Grail Item 

In recent years, everyone has been raving about the anti-aging qualities of retinol serum. However, many of the products you’ll find on the market aren’t very effective. One of the best retinol serums that actually works is by Drunk Elephant. This bundle also comes with a hydrating serum, since retinol can sometimes feel harsh on your skin. Normally, anything from Drunk Elephant is very expensive, but this mini duo is actually affordable on a budget. Customers have reported that this product is so strong, your face will most likely begin to peel. But a few days later, you’ll have younger-looking, baby soft skin. 

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