Steaming your clothing does so much more than removing wrinkles. Credit: Shutterstock

19. Wash or Steam Your Outerwear

If you haven’t washed your coat in a while, it’s time that you do this right away. It’s especially important to clean your jackets when you go on public transportation, because you’re exposed to so many people at once. People are coughing and sneezing on buses and trains, which releases germs and viruses into the air. So even if you’re standing a fair distance away from someone, your outwear could still be carrying the virus. In the warmer months, you won’t wear a jacket as an outer shell around your body. Your clothes may be contaminated in the same way. So after going for an essential food trip to the grocery store, it might be a good idea to change your clothes as soon as you walk through the door, and wash them immediately. Make sure your machine is set to warm, which will help kill any lingering viruses. Don’t worry about cross-contaminating your other laundry, because the soap will kill the virus, much like washing your hands for 20 seconds.

Steamers can kill germs and viruses with heat. Credit: Shutterstock

Sounds like a lot of work, right? It might not be possible for you to wash your jacket every single day if you need to go to work. One great alternative is to purchase a clothing steamer, and go over your clothes with it once you get inside. The steam gets hot enough to kill the virus, which is all you need to make sure your outerwear is protected when it enters your home. This only takes a couple minutes to plug in the steamer, allow it to heat up, and go over your clothes with the high temperature steam. Just make sure to follow the instructions so that you don’t burn yourself while using it.