25 Ways to Safely Store Food for Long-Term Survival

By Trista
25 Ways to Safely Store Food for Long-Term Survival

As you’ve learned, it’s always a good idea to keep your kitchen a bit stocked up just in case there’s an emergency. The problem that many people have is knowing how to safely store their food so they don’t find their meat becoming freezer burned or food turning bad before you can use all of it. 

When food goes unused, you become frustrated because a lot of your hard-earned money goes into providing groceries for your family. Understandably, you can’t save everything – children will refuse to eat certain foods or won’t finish their plates. Sometimes your eyes are even bigger for your stomach. But, you try to do everything you can to not waste. While this article doesn’t give you advice on getting your children to eat their food, it does help you learn how to store food for as long as possible safely. 

The more food you store means, the more space you’ll need. Find available places where you can safely store your meals, such as under the stairs, bed, or closets. Shutterstock.

How Much Should You Store?

Before you found yourself hunkered down for the current crisis, you were told that you should at least have enough food in your home for up to two weeks. However, the situation seemed to drag on and on… and on. You quickly learned that if you wanted to stay out of public, two weeks wasn’t long enough.

In general, you should ensure that you have enough food to last for at least one month. However, there are also the medium-level and long-term emergency options to look at. Medium-level means that you have enough food to last for three months. Long-term food storage focuses on over three months to years.