25 Ways to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

By Trista
25 Ways to Stay Motivated While Working From Home

By now, you’ve been working from home for a few months, at least. Maybe your employer decided that you’ll be working remotely for a while. You might even have a job where you’ll never go back to an office, whether it’s your choice. While working at home seems like a dream job because you can work in your pajamas or Yoga pants, you don’t need to commute, and you don’t have to deal with certain coworkers you never cared for anyway. You might even find yourself sleeping in and working different hours, providing the job lets you do this. 

No matter what benefits working remotely has for you, it can’t keep you from realizing there are more distractions, and it’s harder to stay motivated. You find yourself walking around the home, thinking about what meal you’ll make or cleaning instead of completing your paperwork. You find yourself checking your phone more, going on social media often, turning on the television, taking more breaks than usual, going for a walk, and so much more. You then see the worst struggle of all – making sure you get all of your work done on time. What can you do to help your motivation? Continue reading to find out!

Creating a morning ritual of “going to work” can help you stay in the mindset that you need to stay focused. Shutterstock.

Act Like You’re Going To Your Job Every Morning

It’s easy to fall into the trap where you don’t want to get in your work attire. You want to hang up your dress pants or even your jeans and wear pajama bottoms and Yoga pants. You don’t put much effort into the shirts you wear, brushing your hair, putting on makeup, or anything else you regularly did before going to work (except for brushing your teeth). 

Even though you can change from dress pants into jeans, for your motivation, it’s best to get ready in the morning like you did, leaving your home to go to the office. You can also get ready, so you’re comfortable going outside and meeting people at a moment’s notice.