30 Elegant Home Bar Ideas You Will Want In Your Home

Trista - April 14, 2022

Drinking at home has many benefits, from saving money to avoiding DUIs. However, one of the best things about a dedicated bar space in your house is increasing your home’s value. Adding an at-home bar is faster and cheaper than finishing a basement or creating an additional bathroom. You don’t need to arrange a complete renovation and spend tens of thousands of dollars. Instead, you only need a wall, corner, or a small section to add some bar furniture, shelves, stools, and accessories. You can even create an elegant at-home bar in apartments or rentals.

Of course, there are ways to go all out and make restaurant-like bars that will wow your guests. Beyond size and funds, you need to ask yourself what style you prefer. There are numerous at-home bar styles, from chic marble with metallics to natural wood and greenery. Check out these elegant designs that will fit any budget and style.


Next Luxury / @katrinamkeller

30. Black and Gold Bars

This at-home bar style is beautiful for those looking for a home bar with unique, modern features. The stonework on this is an elegant marble, with cracks along the sides and surfaces to add a more modern, sleek taste. This home bar comes with chairs that sit right up against the counter, with rounded sides that make it perfect for guests to enjoy.  This home bar idea offers the ease of entertaining and serving drinks with the bar underneath the table and the kitchen right behind for snacks and additions. For those interested in bringing a more modern flair to their kitchen with something unique and different, go for black and gold accents. It’s simple but fits practically every modern setting for these bars in a perfect, elegant fashion that captures the energy of the space.


29. Marble Meets Uplighting 

This elegant home bar design uses flashy features and combines modern textures with wooden décor. It is a home bar that houses a garage, the perfect setup to pour drinks and have a great time. It comes with plenty of seating, at least eight stools for you and guests, and sleek and welcoming opulence. This home bar’s backlighting is similar to luxury museums, where they use the lighting from behind to highlight the textures and designs. The countertop is a few inches under where the guests are, which obscures the preparation from the guests there. This impressive setup also helps you display the drinks. With two monitors mounted to the back of this, with accent lighting all around, it’s the perfect visual for those looking not just for minimalistic designs and textures but something that’s visually appealing and works with long designs. 

Backsplash / Natalie Howe Design

28. Ultra-Chic At-Home Bar

Dark wood and leather are the perfect home bar combination if you want elegance, rustic textures and tones, and to feel high-class when making drinks. This design focuses on using all black furniture except for the chair cushions, which are a decadent leather design. The backside of this is white and arched, which creates a simple, beautiful contrast. The backsplash uses black glass to add a refined and elegant touch to an otherwise standard beverage backdrop. The black wine rack behind it creates a deft touch, and the simple lighting right over the seated area helps highlight the features and showcases the beauty of the brown leather. 

Next Luxury / @remodelwerks

27. Gray Stone Bar Accents

Stone is not just suitable for outer walls or fireplaces, but it works well here. This gray brick countertop gives it an intriguing and modernized feel, combined with the silver and gray tones that work well for homes with a neutral palette. This whole room uses variants of grays, dark grays, and off-white colors to create a modernized feel, with slight rustic tones due to the wooden backdrop for the drinks and glasses in the cabinets. At the bottom are small fridges to chill beverages, and on each side are dark wood cabinets that offer an elegant feel. You can place the alcohol right in the middle to showcase. 

Next Luxury / @Manchester Architects, Inc.

26. A Mid-Century Modern Rustic Bar

This home bar is explicitly made from wood, creating an intimate, rustic, and warm feeling to the space. It helps combine the perfect parts of a traditional wooden setting for a home with the modern features of a home bar that set it apart from the rest. All surfaces are of wood texture, and even the backsplash sides come with this bar design. The gold onyx sits right over the backsplash, creating a luxury feel that highlights this space. Surrounding the slab are glass shelves and wooden panels to help sit in the inviting atmosphere in a way that complements the room. The countertop is black, the chairs are all made of wood, and even the lights are made of wood, creating a truly inviting home bar for anyone looking to drink after a nice long day in an inviting space.  

Design-Milk / GLR Arquitectos Designs

25. Sleek and Lots of Space

For those who want something simple and sleek, this is the way to do it. The setup comes with a marble countertop and backsplash to create a simple, elegant feel. With rounded ergonomic chairs, it contributes to the modern home setting. The back shelves have black wood, all of which hold your drinks and glasses. The light behind the shelving helps to accent the contents within, and the lighting underneath is perfect for those wishing to display certain drinks or glasses. Finally, this space comes with wooden drawers and a wooden floor to help create a rustic, simple look. Although simple, this has an air of elegance and is an excellent idea for a space that needs a modern touch and for those looking to add more subtle wooden undertones to your home bar.  


24. An Eco-Friendly Bar at Home

Mini fridge bars are also a popular style for home bars, especially those who don’t have a ton of space. This home bar design is modern and straightforward, and it is perfect for city-style apartments and homes. The backdrop includes wooden panels with shelving for plants of choice. In the center are a simple black mini fridge and wine cabinet. The solid black against the wooden backdrop helps to highlight the way the space looks. At the top are the most popular drinks, shakers, and serving glasses. This eco-friendly bar setup is simple for those interested in entertaining at home. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of money putting together a home bar, this is an excellent alternative for small spaces. 

Next Luxury

23. An Underground Bar

This man cave has a bar wall with a glass surface, creating outlines in the backdrop that accentuate the space. This unique home bar is an excellent setup for those who don’t need a ton of bar stools either. It comes with three simple marbled chairs that sit high against a marble countertop. The shelving behind is ideal for those with a steady stock of different drinks on their shelves. The lights over the top add to this design, creating a more modern feeling that’s high-end and elegant for the home and truly makes a magical look to a home bar space. 

Dicasdemulher / Cristyan Miranda Architect

22. Practical DIY At-Home Bars

This DIY idea is a practical bar, but also one that makes a space fun and exciting. It’s also relatively simple and is suitable for those modern homes that want to add a bit of elegance and the convenience of a home bar. The bar counter is more like a desk than a bar area, and this one does not come with the typical backsplash. The chairs are more like a dining room chair type, giving it a nice, homey feel. The shelves are wooden and contain more than enough space for all the alcohol you could dream of. You can place a wine cabinet or a fridge to its right to serve chilled drinks. Finally, a flat-screen sits off-center, creating a nice, simple space that’s inviting and perfect for those who want something more straightforward for their home bar ideas. 

Square Yards

21. Minimalism With Wood

This home bar idea is an attractive wet bar with wooden slabs that feel simple yet fun. It contains a very simple white countertop with wooden chairs that have matching paneling to the front facade of the bar counter itself. The backsplash isn’t some modern marbled color but instead a simple white. It has white lights right over it and a TV or picture right behind the middle part of the counter. While this standalone bar is not large or comes with any bells and whistles, its simplicity of this is what makes it shine. The drinks sit on shelves over the back of the bar, which can be an affordable alternative to most bar shelving. For those interested in creating a home bar that feels and looks simple and is a little bit more affordable than other setups, this elegant home bar is one to consider as it offers a unique touch and different materials. 

Reno Guide

20. Clean Lines and Greenery

Love to garden and have a few drinks? Why not a garden bar? This unique design is a refreshing take on regular home bars perfect for those with a green thumb and who want a nice little bar setup. The shelving is simple metal shelves, but they hold all of your contents for a fun home bar setup. The cabinetry also contains a mini-fridge and wine holder to keep everything nice and chilled. Probably the most intriguing feature of this, though, is the counter and backsplash. Instead of this being devoid of anything, plants sit along the sides of this, giving you enough room to make drinks and enough space to take care of your plants. 


19. Built-In Cabinets For a Home Bar

Adding a home bar to your living room might seem strange, but this shelving unit is perfect for holding all you need to make drinks in a convenient space. This shelving is a combination of a bar holder and counter. The shelves are high, giving you ample space for drinkware and drinks, and there are also plenty of drawers for any other necessities. The counter is attached to the shelving itself, creating a simple surface for you to pour and make drinks. This home bar is perfect if you want to entertain guests in your living room but don’t feel like investing in a whole bar. You can make cocktails and then enjoy a nice night with the girls, or just share drinks with your partner, and you don’t have to go far at all with this elegant and straightforward setup that has neutral tones to fit any space!    

Backsplash / CKD Remodeling

18. A Mini Frig Filled With Drinks

This tiny spot is another amazing transitional bar idea for those looking to create a home bar within your living space. It’s perfect because it sits perfectly against the wall, and you can go over there and make drinks without having to run to the kitchen. The cabinets are pure white, and the quartz countertop will give any room a modern feel. The fridges at the bottom are perfect for putting drinks of all kinds in there to stay chill, and the chevron backsplash is ideal for those looking to add a little bit of pattern to their home bar. Finally, the bubble pendant lighting offers a simple design and texture and is perfect for helping separate space and create focal points that’ll capture any guest’s eye.

Square Yard

17. Edgy Yet Natural Bar

This at-home bar is a simple, gritty, and urban style. With green textures and tones against a white setting, it has a more “bar” feel than other home bars. The brick countertop and sides of the shelving, and the marble backsplash also help to create a modern feeling. The bar console on this is a lot more hidden in the brick texture, and the shelving in the back is unique against an all-white backdrop, perfect for holding a few glasses and drinks. The appliances hide under the bar counter, unlike some other setups. That style is great for those who want to make it a little more obscured or don’t want to have all of their alcohol out in the open. The flat screen next to it is perfect for showcasing the latest game or anything you feel like watching while having a couple of drinks. 

Backsplash / @Салон “Бомонд”

16. Exposed Brick and Rustic Woods

This at-home bar design is another style that combines rustic tones with modern settings for those who want something wooden. This brick bar comes with brick sides, creating an urban feel to the bar. The wood tones for the bar counter and chairs offer a warm design that perfectly contrasts. The wooden shelving in the back is ample, perfect for plenty of drinks. The vaulted ceiling and stone walls also make the space look bigger than it is, accentuating it. It combines industrial tones with a warm, wooden atmosphere. It takes a couple of strikingly different elements and brings them together to create something utterly beautiful. This style is perfect for those home bar owners who want to be a bit different. Also, if you have patterned floors and textures and want to add a home back to the back to truly complete the look of their home. 

Reno Guide

15. Built-In Bar Shelving

How about this for shelving? This home bar is perfect for those who want to make it more like a kitchen setting but want enough space for their drinks. The white, marbled counter and bar sides with the simple wooden chairs add a more modern feel. The cool thing about this one is that it can be added to your kitchen directly and wouldn’t take away from the current setup. You can have your fridge and cabinets nearby to make some tasty snacks. The highlight of this, though, is next to the bar stools. That is the hidden bar itself. Along the side is a shelf you can open and close to get drinks and glassware. Right under that is a wine cabinet that blends in perfectly. 


14. Versatile and Compact

Simple. Sleek. Elegant. These are all words to describe this ultimately appealing home bar idea. This at-home bar nestles itself right up against the wall, with wood paneling contrasting this. The countertop is a simple black color and comes with two modern bar stools, but you could probably add another chair or two. While this one doesn’t house a fully-stocked bar, this is it for those who want a place just to kick back, pour yourself some wine after a long day, and relax. The side of the bar itself contains shelving, a few hanging glasses, and a place to hold wine bottles or other alcohol. The tiny decorations along the sides are the final touch to create a simple bar set up but are perfect if you don’t feel like adding too much to a small space.

Plan N Design / Redl World Class Kitchens Edmonton

13. Super Sleek At-Home Bars

Uplighting and home bars might seem tacky, but with the right style, it works, and this home bar delivers it. It combines beautiful, tiled flooring with a wooden façade to the bar counter and white, marbled designs for the bar counter space and backsplash. The chairs are a sleek, modern feel with a metallic leg to the bottom and an elegant, white seat. Probably the most notable of this, however, are the cabinets. The bottom half of this is standard shelving and drawers, but the top is a glass cabinet with neon lights along the sides, illuminating the contents. If you want to take a fun, elegant setup and add some flashy neon lights, this is a great idea. The blue lighting for the cabinet further accentuates it, and it draws attention to this modern bar. It’s perfect for a game room or basement that needs a unique touch.  


12. Contemporary Blends with Rustic

This home bar is perfect if you want something nestled next to the kitchen and the living room. It features a wooden accent wall and a blue front coloring on the bar counter. The bar counter is a solid white color, with black and silver bar stools to create a modern flare. The backsplash and sink are hidden behind, with only the faucet seen, creating a unique and discreet feel. Then there is the shelving, which is nestled behind the bar itself and is against the wall. This shelving holds everything you need to make drinks people will love. 

Renonation / Home Philosophy

11. Tiny At-Home Bar Options

Don’t have room for a whole bar? Why not a bar cart! This home bar idea involves a small bar cart with castor wheels you can haul about, creating a super versatile and mobile option for your home. The beauty of this is that you can move this home “bar” around as much as possible. Say you’re making drinks in the living room? You can push it there. This bar cart is right there if you’re having cocktails at dinner. It’s strong, sturdy, and with a plant accent, you’ll have plenty of space to make the drinks you want, and it’s also not big and imposing. You can get a bar chart with a finish that’s guilded for extra luxury. A wooden table near it with simple accents doesn’t distract too much from the rest of the space. 


10. Metallic Shelves for Chic Bars

Home bars do not have to be big and imposing, and this modern home bar is simple, elegant, and perfect for pouring drinks when company is over. It involves a small shelf put against the wall in the living room or gathering space. From there, each of the shelves can hold whatever you need. Whether it’s liquor, shakers, bottles, or even recipe books on how to make drinks, this shelf holds all of it and won’t take up all the room in the home. To use this, you get what you need, pour the drinks, and then serve! You don’t even need a mini fridge near it either if you don’t need it. It’s straightforward and perfect if you’re limited on space or don’t want something big and imposing, but you would still like a small, elegant home bar idea that accentuates the room nicely.  

Reno Guide

9. At-Home Bars for Any Corner

Create the elegant home bar lounge of your dreams with this simple idea. This bar is put along the side of the room and comes with a sink and counter to make the drinks you want, shelves over the top to house the drinks you wish to, storage cabinets for glassware and other items, and a cooler to chill drinks. You can accent the top shelves with plants and pictures for a refined touch. The paneling is a black and dark wood combination that creates the perfect contrast against the white theme of the rest of the room. The bright light coming from the open window offers an inviting texture to it, and you can maximize the space by adding a couple of chairs, or perhaps a tiny couch or sofa to truly make the area something that you’ll love and something you’ll use as well.   

Urban Bliss Life

8. Mini Shelves and Dark Wood

This home bar uses dark wood and neutral grays to accent it and is very simplistic but perfect for a corner. It comes with two metal bar stools, a wooden countertop with a hiding backsplash and sink, and small shelving in the corner. You can also add a mini-fridge there to chill drinks. You can display drinks on the wall instead of them being on large and imposing shelves. Plus, it would help if you neatly grouped them on shelves of different sizes, some bigger or smaller than others. It adds a unique tone to the space and brings an inviting feeling to the home bar. You can further complete this home bar setup with a small litter décor along the side of the counter and accent bottles over the fridge if you need to utilize the space.  

The Spruce / @michaelrobertconstruction

7. Vertical Rows of Wine Bottles

For wine fans of all kinds, adding wine storage to your home bar is perfect, and there are ways you can genuinely maximize floor space to make it work. This setup involves wine storage shelves that go from floor to ceiling, creating an elaborate wine rack perfect for adding wine bottles of choice. The side of this is where the counter space is, including a mini-fridge right along the right-hand side, other shelving, and counter space where you can keep the rest of what you need. The shelves above this are lighted from the top, creating an elegant, inviting feel to this space, and offer ample shelving for the wine glasses you want to keep around. This at-home bar design is a very accessible mini bar, and if you don’t need chairs or barstools, consider exchanging that for large wine bottle shelves that are easily accessible and enhance the space.  

Reno Guide

6. A Mini Bar in the Hallway

Not every mini bar needs to take up half a room; sometimes, elegant and simple mini-bars in your home can be in a few cabinets down the hallway. Disguised as a typical cabinet, this mini bar has everything you need. Nestled within this bar includes ample shelving for glassware and liquor. It also comes with a mini-fridge on the bottom left to chill drinks, for which you could opt for more storage and shelving as needed. Finally, wine bottle holders are on the bottom right-hand side, perfect for holding wine bottles of choice. To use this, you just open the cabinet, get the contents of what you need, and then go from there! It’s simple, effective, and easy, especially for those who don’t want a shelving unit that takes up too much space and is easy to navigate, especially if you’re entertaining guests right next door to where it is.  

Flickr / adil alqhtani

5. An Oversized At-Home Bar 

Do you have a large basement that you want to transform into the ultimate bar area? This full wall design might be perfect. Obviously, this image is from a restaurant or coffee shop, but you can have something similar in th corner of your basement. A concrete floor is ideal for basements as it probably is already there. That will save you money right from the beginning. After that, consider the wrap-around bar with several stools to fit all of your friends and family. You can add floating shelves on the wall and install some hanging light fixtures.That is really all you need, besides the food and drinks, of course. If you want, you can add handy small appliances or gear or a small sink, mini fridge, or others. If you have a walkout basement with an attached door, you might be able to create this picture exactly. A touch of paint on the back wall and wooden features will complete the room.

Renonation / 3D Innovations

4. A Modern and Minimalist Bar

This casual bar stands right next to the living room or other entertaining space. It’s a great way to offer simplicity, elegance, and something others will love. The whole bar is put up against the wall along with one of the sides and frees up floor space without taking up too much room. You can store bottles and beer mugs along the side area where the bar table and the bottles are then recessed against the wall. There is a small countertop to which you can add bar stools too if you want, or if you wish to create a standing bar for drinks, this is an excellent way to do it. It has simple accents, wooden textures, and brick. Yet, it creates a cohesive, free-flowing space that feels inviting and casual. 


3. Vintage Bar Furniture

You don’t need a complete wall, or even a corner to have an at-home bar. Instead, you can purchase bar furniture, or repurpose an old piece to look like this retro classic. This DIY bar shelving includes glass holders, strip lighting, charming wallpaper, and a mirror for a classic vintage feel. Not only do you have a space to prepare and mix drinks, but the lower cabinet creates perfect hideaway storage for all of your bottles and other bar accessories. If you aren’t a do-it-yourself kind of person, no problem. You can purchase bar furniture like the one above instead of taking the time to repurpose it yourself. However, you might surprise yourself if you give it a try. The next time you see a beat up, old piece of furniture someone is throwing away, consider the dimensions, and if it would make a great piece like this vintage furnishing.

Homebunch / Pinterest

2. Rustic Meets Elegant

This farmhouse wet bar is a shabby-chic set against a white wall with textured to create a slightly worn look. Over the top of this are reclaimed wooden shelves that offer ample space for glasses, liquor, and whatever else you might need. It also has washing that creates a more natural look to this bar. The countertops are wooden, and they contain storage for your items, along with a metal fridge that contrasts the wood shelves and the other textures. The countertop has more than enough space for you to work and mix drinks, and you also can have a water container there. This cute setup is ideal for those who like to have parties and small gatherings and want a home bar design that sits neatly away and won’t be too imposing but also does the job.

Asia One / UNO Interior

1. At-Home Apartment Bar

Even if you live in a small studio apartment you can have an awesome, one-of-a-kind bar setup in your place. For this apartment bar design, you need a free wall for some built-in shelving. Chances are good you don’t have many windows in your apartment, so it shouldn’t be a problem to find an open space. Like this at-home design, you can install your own wooden countertop with two tower-like pillars on either side for extra shelving. The best part about this simple bar setup is the built-in wine shelves. It’s essential to have handy storage like those tuck-away bottle holders, especially in apartments. Two simple bar stools complete this simple wooden style. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of wine, you can use the shelf for an espresso machine or juicer. Which one of these at-home bar designs is your favorite? You should try to incorporate whatever you like in the space you have.