Winter break is the perfect opportunity for the family to rally together and do some good for the community. Shutterstock

29. One of the kindest things you and your family can do during the winter is volunteer. 

There are options for you and your family to get involved in giving back to the community during winter break. Schedule a morning or an afternoon to spend at a local shelter or soup kitchen. Giving back helps to appreciate what you have and is also sure to leave the whole family feeling better than when they got there. Your family will have a hand in making the community a better place just by giving a few hours of their time.


While volunteering, you can meet other people who share the same passion for giving back. Giving back and volunteering provides a different perspective to remind you of all that is good in life. It will help you and your family appreciate what you do have rather than focus on what you don’t have. You might even leave with new skills. As you and your family give a few hours of your time to others, you will feel better about yourself, those you serve, and your community as a whole.