30 Tips for Keeping the House Fresh When Living with Pets

By Shannon
30 Tips for Keeping the House Fresh When Living with Pets

Pets are wonderful, but they sure do stink sometimes. To make matters worse, pet owners can often get so used to a bad smell, that the no longer realize when their pet is making their home stink to high heaven. So, here are 30 tips to keeping your home fresh and clean while living with a dog or cat.

Give your dog a bath. Credit: Shutterstock

30. Give Your Pets Regular Baths

Dogs need help being groomed, especially if they have long hair. Without regular brushing and cleaning, their fur can become matted, and a groomer will have no choice but to shave it all off. And, of course, the dirt, sweat, and bugs from playing outside will be in your pet’s fur for a while, as well. Cats are very good about cleaning themselves, but they can sometimes need help to get clean, especially if they are an indoor-outdoor pet. To prepare a pet’s bath, fill up a tub with warm water, have plenty of towels, and special pet shampoo ready. (Do NOT use human shampoo!) Speak in a calm and soothing voice, because your pet may be scared for the water. Also be sure to rinse off the shampoo thoroughly when you’re done. If you do not think you can handle this, consider taking your pet to a professional groomer.