30 Tips For Setting Up a Backyard Chicken Coop

By Shannon Quinn
30 Tips For Setting Up a Backyard Chicken Coop

Thinking about building a backyard chicken coop? You’re not alone. In 2020, more people than ever before decided that it was finally time to live out their dream of having chickens in their backyard. It can be truly fulfilling to go into your backyard and take some freshly laid eggs to use for breakfast. However, there is a lot of time, money, and research that goes into this new hobby. Before you get started, you need to understand the basics about food, water, shelter, and protection. Here at Home Addict, we’re going over some of the best tips for beginners looking to build a chicken coop in their backyard.

Try to get your neighbor on board with your chicken coop dreams. Credit: Shutterstock

30. Get Your Neighbor’s Blessing

Before you begin building a chicken coop, it’s probably a good idea to get your neighbor’s blessing. Technically, you can do whatever you want on your own property. But unless you have multiple acres of land, these chickens are going to affect the people who live around you. Roosters crow at all hours of the early morning, and coops can also smell. Sometimes, chickens can fly over a fence and get into the neighbor’s property. If you don’t clean often enough, these coops can also attract predators to the surrounding area. 

Always ask your neighbor’s blessing before building a backyard chicken coop. Credit: Shutterstock

From your neighbor’s perspective, it might be a nightmare. In the worst case scenario, you might live next to someone who is vindictive and litigious. They could report you to the township to try to get you in trouble. It’s best for everyone if you simply ask for their blessing, and see what they say. Offer to give them some of the eggs too, which will soften the blow of anything negative they might be thinking in their mind. In the best case scenario, they will be happy for you, and may even offer to be your chicken-sitter if you ever go away.