Conservatories are a great place to sit and soak in your vitamin D. Credit: Shutterstock

29. Conservatory

Many British homes have a conservatory, which is what we would call a “sun room” here in the United States. For Americans, we don’t see many houses built with a sun room unless it is in a state with warm weather, like Florida. We all know that England is not exactly a tropical paradise. But they want to have a room where you can sit down and bake in the much-needed sunlight.

This conservator is added on as an addition to a home. Credit: Shutterstock

These rooms usually work like a greenhouse, and are warm even in the colder months. Sometimes, they will have their own wood stoves to keep people cozy while they sit in their indoor-outdoor area. This can be a place where you have your potted plants, or it could be a nice area to read in the natural sunlight. Most conservatories also have a full view of the garden, so you can enjoy looking at the flowers without worrying about wasps of mosquitos.