Simple Ways to Jazz Up a Bathroom For Under $100

Shannon Quinn - February 17, 2020
Some people like to drink a glass of wine in the bath. Credit: Pexels

3. Go For a Romantic, Relaxing Mood

You’re either a bath person or a shower person. Bathe people love to lay down and relax in the bathtub with some bubbles, a scented candle, a nice glass of wine, and a book. If this sounds like you, (or something that you aspire to do), try to keep that in mind when you’re redesigning your bathroom. It’s likely that there might be some kind of accessory or piece of furniture out there that would make it easier for you to relax with a bath. For example, you might want an end table that is the same height as the bathtub so that you can put down your wine and book. Or, you might want one of those wooden trays that goes across the bathtub. 

A lot of people like to relax with reading a book in the bath tub. Credit: Pexels

Lighting, color scheme, and accessories can all be molded around the mood that you want the room to be in. Darker sultry colors give you a more romantic and relaxed feeling. Obviously, this is perfect if you’re trying to wind down for the night. But if you would rather focus on feeling awake in the morning when you take your shower, it makes more sense to have bright, stimulating colors.

These shelf covers were made with contact paper and styrofoam boards. Credit: Do It On a Dime

2. Cover Bathroom Pantry Shelves

If you have a bathroom pantry or closet, chances are that it’s not a pretty sight.  This is especially true if you move into an apartment building that was built a long time ago. The shelving is usually made of particle board or metal wires, and you might be afraid to put too much on the shelf, for fear of it breaking. Wire shelving is also a huge pain, because it’s difficult to keep products standing upright. A very quick and easy way to upgrade your shelving is to use contact paper on a styrofoam board from the Dollar Tree. This can easily be removed when you’re getting ready to leave. Check out the video on Do It On a Dime to see the step-by-step instructions.

It may look like wood, but these are actually DIY covers with wood contact paper. Credit: The Martin Nest

The hack I just mentioned should only cost $2 to complete. This is perfect for renters who might only need to use those DIY shelves for one or two years. However, it’s not a great permanent solution to the problem. Some people might go the extra mile of upgrading their pantry shelving with real wood if they are the homeowner. This takes some carpentry skills, but it is relatively inexpensive, and totally satisfying once it’s done. And if you’re remodeling your own bathroom, you might also want to consider putting wallpaper in-between the shelves in the bathroom closet. This is a really clever way to sneak in a pop of color. 

This beaded chandelier looks beautiful, and makes a big difference for the design. Credit: Pexels

1. Hang a Statement Light Piece 

When you think about statement lighting pieces, the last place you would imagine putting one is in the bathroom. Admittedly, these can be expensive, and it would take up almost your entire $100 budget. Most people take their renovation budget and focus on lighting in the dining room or living room. While it’s true that these are the most important rooms to focus on, you might want to consider it for the bathroom, too. This is especially true if the bathroom has high ceilings, and you feel like there is something missing.

This outrageous light fixture goes well with the beautiful natural setting outside. Credit: Pexels

In the photos we provided, you can see how these statement light pieces really made a huge difference in the vibe of the room. Good lighting can completely make or break your experience when you’re having a bath, or getting ready in the morning. If you have a certain style in mind, take some time to go to discount houseware stores like Home Goods, Wayfair, and Overstock. You might be surprised to find a light fixture for an amazing price, with enough money leftover to do a second project.