35 Easy Home Improvement Ideas that Can be Completed This Weekend

Trista - March 31, 2019

Upgrading your home is a big deal. However, you don’t have to pay thousands of dollars, break down walls, or work for six months to get the design look you desire. You can make your home look modern and new with just a few basic home improvement projects. Here are some quick home improvement projects that you can do over the weekend or whenever you have time free. Check out these 35 fast and easy home improvement hacks guaranteed to improve any house. These affordable home hacks are incredible and are sure to upgrade your space instantly!


35. Hang two full-length mirrors on your closet doors.

Do you ever find yourself looking into your small bathroom mirror and wishing that you could look at yourself in a full-length mirror so you can be sure that your shirt matches well with your pants? If this is the case, it will make sense to have mirrors near your closet so that you can see what your outfit looks like from head to toe. Not only will this allow you to make sure that you match, but it will also help improve your self-confidence because you can ensure that you look terrific.

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Of course, there are many other benefits to hanging full-length mirrors. By placing two full-length mirrors, you won’t have to share space with another person. Don’t worry about pushing your partner or roommate out of the way. You will get your time in the mirror. You can pick frames and colors that complement your room. Double mirrors will also open up your area to make it look a little bigger. You can also use the mirror to compliment your decor, highlight your bedroom, and help prevent a sense of claustrophobia.

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34. Make windows appear bigger by hanging curtains higher and wider.

Just like mirrors, you can also use windows to give your home a significant improvement that won’t take a lot of time and money at all. It’s an easy and incredible optical illusion that makes your windows look much more extensive than they appear to be. It will also give your guests the illusion that you are an interior designer – along with making you feel one as well! All you need to do is focus on your windows and look into getting the best curtains to look wider and larger. Don’t worry about the color of the curtains because any color will work!

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This design feature also gives you some leeway in finding precisely the right width of bar and curtains’ length if your windows are strange sizes. You might think this little change is no big deal, but you’ll be surprised by how much bigger this will make your room feel. It’s one of those things where you need to try it to get the change’s real feel. Just think about that moment when you hang the curtain rods higher, and it will make the ceiling feel like it’s taller! You don’t need to dream about getting a home where the ceilings are several feet higher because getting the right curtains will give your mind the same illusion.

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33. Turn a closet into a home office.

Maybe your kids have moved out, and you’re looking for some space to expand into a personal haven. Why not turn one of their closets into a home office? It can be a cozy and comforting atmosphere that allows you to hide away from the world and work on your projects in private. In fact, you may enjoy your little home office so much that you may never want to leave! One of the best parts of this is that you don’t need to spend a lot of money to get the perfect office space.

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One of the best features of a DIY office in your home is decorating it in any way you want. For instance, if you want a large desk, you can either put two tables together or find a corner desk with two large sides. You could even build a desk that allows it to go the length of the wall. Along with the desk, you can continue to add pieces of wood on the wall to use as bookshelves. The key is to start with measuring the closet’s length and height and then get creative with your work and personal needs.

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32. Utilize the space above your doorway.

Have you ever looked up when you were walking into a different room or even out of your house? Yes, I am talking about looking above your doorway. Why would you want to do this? Because that small area is a great way to improve your home that is easy and affordable. You don’t need to spend a lot of time searching for supplies or even utilizing the space. By adding a simple shelf above your doorway, you can display many of the pieces you’ve been keeping in storage. You might display old antiques or even keep some fake flowers or other decor items to improve your room’s look.

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You could also purchase wooden boards and make box bookcases that are painted in different colors. They can also be different sizes and shapes to give your home a little unique look. It’s a beautiful way to brighten up a room without taking up any additional space you just don’t have. It’s also a great place to put those valuable pieces that you don’t want your kids getting their hands on. However, you might want to help your guests by telling them to look up as they’re walking from one room into the next.

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31. Add a stained-glass window to your bathroom.

How often have you looked at windows as you drove by a house and thought, “I would love to have stained-glass windows?” You might have also found yourself walking into a friend’s bathroom only to get a little jealous because they have a beautiful window, and all you have is a smaller window in your bathroom. It’s time to stop wishing that you could have a gorgeous stained-glass window in your home and make it a reality. No, you don’t need to go and search where you can buy a stained-glass window on Google because you can easily purchase the supplies at a local store.

Photo Credit: Gus Gus

This enchanting feature can add a gorgeous splash of color while still giving you the privacy you need. All that light refraction can provide a beautiful, peaceful atmosphere for you to have a soak in your tub. Alternatively, you can go with a frosted look with black lines if you want something more straightforward. Whatever you decide, you may be surprised at how much you like the look. Moreover, since these are stick-on adhesives, you can always change them when they’re worn down too much or want another look. If you’re adventurous, you might find adhesives for every season throughout the year! Could you imagine having Santa Claus on your stained-glass window?

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30. Dress up your washer and dryer.

Sometimes the regular appliances in our homes can make a room look like a hot mess. For instance, your washer and dryer are essentials in your home. You love having these appliances because you remember the days you had to share in a dorm or an apartment building. However, just because you love them doesn’t mean you want to show them off. These appliances tend to get dirty easily with dust bunnies floating everywhere. Then there are the spilled detergent stains that you always seem to forget about cleaning up after completing a load of laundry.

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On top of all this, those cords behind your washer and dry can be a bit unsightly. Of course, you’re always a little afraid of the judgment you will receive from your guests….especially certain ones. Fortunately, you can change all this without spending too much time or money. Add some stained wood to cover them up, and you can have an attractive laundry room that everyone will want to use. That can also provide you with extra counter space for your detergent and other assorted items. Your laundry room doesn’t have to feel like a dingy closet you need to door closed on anymore.

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29. Add extra lighting in the kitchen.

It seems that one of the biggest features a home misses is enough lighting. If you’re like many other people in the United States, you probably noticed that many living rooms don’t have lights in the ceiling. Instead, you need to add various lamps around the room to make sure you can read, study, and work on projects at night. However, it’s not always your living room that is missing lighting. Sometimes it’s even your bedroom or hallway. One of the biggest rooms that need a bit more lighting in other homes is the kitchen because, well, much work is completed in this room.

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If you need some extra illumination while you’re preparing dinner, you could add some strips of LED lighting under your cabinets. They’re flexible enough that they can be added to any space, no matter how large or small your cabinets may be. Some LED options even come with a color-changing mode, so you can also spruce up your kitchen with a little mood lighting to enhance the atmosphere. You could also add some lights around the corners of the room, which will give it a bit more glow around the whole room and maybe even seep into the dining room or living room.

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28. Change your doorknobs.

Doorknobs are a small feature of your home that you usually don’t think about unless something is wrong, such as you struggle to get into your home or you notice the knob is becoming loose. While this is an easy fix, it doesn’t mean that you need to stick with the same old boring doorknob that has been there for years – possibly even decades. It’s time to start looking at how you can improve your home all the way around, even looking at some of the smallest pieces of your home that are often overlooked.

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Doorknobs undergo much wear and tear over time as you enter in and out of your home. So why not brighten up your door with a splash of color? Doorknobs come in so many different styles, materials, and colors that it can be challenging to choose just one. Don’t be afraid to try a design that you may shy away from at first; you never know, they could end up working correctly with your door. Treat your kitchen cabinets and the bathroom cupboards to the same treatment as well. You could end up changing the entire look of your interior.

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27. Frame your bathroom mirror.

While most people think mirrors will last forever, certain parts of them do tend to fade. The problem is this happens so slowly over time that we don’t even notice how they begin to de-silver until you see all the big black spots in the corner of the mirror. At this point, you might think about getting a whole new bathroom mirror because there is no way you can fix those small little spots. While you can’t fix the annoying black spots, you can find ways to cover them up by purchasing a small frame that will make your mirror look brand new.

Photo Credit: Furniture Lighting Decor

Many people prefer to have simple mirrors in their bathrooms, but dressing one up can make the difference. What was once simple can tie in your reflective surface with the other decor you have in the bathroom. Going with aged bronze can bring an antique look, while a shiny silver frame can outline a modern, well-lit bathroom. Try out a few different styles to see what works with your aesthetic. One of the best parts of framing your bathroom mirror is you can do it cheaply. Thinking about selling your home and worried the simple mirror will be a sore spot – look into reframing.

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26. Cover half of the wall with a bulletin board.

Keeping track of bills and other mail pieces can be difficult if you don’t have space for it all. That can cause you to forget to pay bills, lose track of appointments, and forget about other important dates. Because it’s important to remain somewhat organized when it comes to all these little important dates and pieces of paper, you start to find some system type. Unfortunately, life tends to get away from you, and suddenly, you find that all these papers are now in piles around your desk or table.

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Instead of stacking them up in a pile, create a large bulletin board that you can track everything in an organized manner. It will save you space, and you can easily see when everything is due. No more forgotten bills or lost cards from friends. All you have to do is glue a sheet of cork to some foam board and attach it to your wall. As long as you take time to clean up the bulletin boards and get rid of your old appointments and bills, you can keep the boards organized and ensure that you don’t forget about anything important again.

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25. Upgrade the switch plates.

Just like doorknobs, switch plates are available in different sizes, materials, and colors. Alternatively, you can choose to paint over a new metal one so that it matches your walls. You can even pick switch plates that are antique type and give your home an older and more unique look. That is perfect for someone who loves the Victorian Era and wants a bit of their home to look a bit older than it is. You can even color coordinate each room and even get switch plates in the shape of animals for your children.

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The biggest key for updating your switch plates is to ensure that you are as safe as possible. Ensure that you measure out and get the right size so that you don’t have to drill new holes into your walls. Be sure to turn off any circuit breakers, too, to eliminate the risk of accidental electrocution. There is always the choice of hiring someone to help ensure that you’re safe when it comes to changing out switch plates. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, you could switch out the plates of your wall sockets as well to provide a whimsical feel.

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24. Fix those boob lights.

There is a type of light that many people struggle with knowing what to do with. These lights are known as boob lights. They’re some of the most common lights, and you probably have a few in your house, specifically in the dining room or kitchen. They are flush-mounted ceiling lights popular in hallways and hanging in nearly every apartment building in the United States. Because they are so common, it’s hard to escape them unless you get rid of them in your home. However, you can also get creative with these lights and make them look like something brand new.

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“Boob” lights don’t have to be an embarrassment, and many people choose to cover them up with a shade. However, you can dress them up by adding an accent around them to draw guests’ eyes to them instead. This easy home improvement can pull the whole room’s decor together and add a bright splash that a dull room needs. You can even make your own design and hang up around the light. Give your home a unique feature by using one of the most common light fixtures possible.

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23. Laminate your walls.

You have heard about laminate flooring, but what about laminating your walls instead? Many people do this with leftover laminate flooring. They place it in certain parts of their wall or many just on one wall to give a room in their house a striking accent. It sounds like a strange suggestion, but using laminate in your kitchen can provide a farmhouse feel with your backsplash. Moreover, by using laminate, you’re protecting your walls from any dribble or moisture that might get onto your walls without them.

Photo Credit: Youtube

One of the best parts about laminating your walls is that you can get as creative as you’re comfortable with. Try out different styles to see what you like the look of and what fits your kitchen’s aesthetic. Yes, you can change it up easily! The biggest factor you want to pay attention to is ensuring you know what supplies you will need before you go shopping, what walls you want to laminate, and an idea of the design or type of wall you want to use.

Photo Credit: Architectural Digest

22. Update a blank wall with photos and art.

You might feel that one of the most boring features of a home is bare walls. Even if you like the walls’ color and feel they match the rest of the room entirely, you want to add some decorations to your walls to give them a unique touch. One way to do this is to print off photographs that you take on your family’s phone. Another way to do this is to add art, whether it’s professionally done or drawings from your children. Of course, you could always go to Google or your local museum to find random pictures of the 1800s.

Photo Credit: House Beautiful

Want to showcase your kids’ drawings? Put them in frames and hang them up on your wall. Taken up photography yourself and want to show off what you can do? Instead of hiding them on the fridge or in small frames, consider creating an entire artwork wall by the family. Before you start sticking them up, however, it’s a great idea to plan out the layout of your pieces with paper so that you can create a “shape” that is pleasing to the eye.

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21. Renew the bed.

One of the most prominent features of your home that is used often is your bed. It’s a place you probably dream about during the day as the 2:00 tiredness hits while you are at work. You might even count the hours until you can go back to bed once you are up and getting ready for your day. When you’re not feeling well, your bed can give you the best comfort. Therefore, it’s vital that you ensure your bed is comfortable and has a look that is pleasing to your eyes.

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No adult should have a bed that’s flush with the wall. Having a headboard can really dress up a room, but instead of going out and buying a new one, you can paint a piece of plywood and use that instead. Use the colors of your bedroom or use a stark, contrasting color to make your headboard pop. Add another piece of plywood on top, and you can have a nice, small shelf where you can keep your favorite bedtime books. When it comes to a headboard, the ideas that you can have are so varied that you might need to have a system to choose the best option.

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20. Paint the grout.

Bright white grout used to be the thing, as it would make your bathroom look more polished and cleaner. However, there’s nothing wrong with a little color. There are now stains for grout that you can use to add even more color to your bathrooms so you can dress them up even more. Moreover, the stains won’t ruin your tiles either; just wipe it off with a paper towel while it’s still wet, and they will look brand new again.

Photo Credit: The Spruce

Even if you don’t want to use colored grout, you will probably find that touching up your grout gives your room a whole new look. It can make it look like you redid your bathroom. You might find that white grout makes your room a whole shad brighter because, while we don’t want to admit it, grout does become dirty and darker over time. Another plus of touching up your grout is that it’s cheap and easy to do. Don’t worry about needing a handyperson because you can quickly lookup a YouTube video and get to work.

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Photo Credit: House Beautiful

19. Improve your lighting.

Many kitchens and dining rooms have recessed lighting. Many people think that recessed lighting is neat, but it reduces the amount of light. Convert your recessed lighting into hanging pendant lights, and you’ll have a much brighter room. Hanging lights come in various styles and colors so you can coordinate your choices to match the room.

Photo Credit: My Decorative

You can also mix and match the lighting, which allows you to get the right type of lighting that you want for the moment. For instance, if you’re working hard into the night writing your first novel, you will probably want brighter light than if you’re watching a video on your phone. You might also want to show off your bright lights when you have company over, as this will also make your room look brighter, making everyone feel a little happier.

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18. Refresh your backsplash.

A critical feature of a kitchen is the backsplash. That is an area that tends to catch the grease and splash from water and any cooking that is easier to clean than regular walls – at least typically. However, even if you clean it every day, you will still find that it can continue to get dirty and little grease spots and somehow get stuck on there. That doesn’t make it seem that you have a bright and beautiful kitchen as while no one else will notice, you will, and it will always be something that you see.

Photo Credit: Way Fair

The backsplash of your kitchen can make all the difference in the world, but it can wear down over time. You can update the look of your kitchen by replacing it with stick-on tiles that are not only affordable but come in different colors so that they can match the look of your kitchen. It will add a refreshing look to your kitchen that won’t take you very long to put up.

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17. Fill in the baseboards.

Over time, your baseboards suffer from a lot of wear and tear, and that can make them look shabby. Covering up cracks with paint will only do so much. To stop your baseboards from cracking further or separating further from the wall, you can re-caulk them. This product seals them up and keeps them in place for much longer. All you need is a caulking gun and some painter’s tape to ensure that you don’t make a mess.

Photo Credit: Home Depot

Filling in your baseboards can give your home a makeover because it will look new – at least to you. Sometimes your quick weekend home improvement projects are more for your eyes than anyone else’s because let’s face it, you are the one that lives there. You see those cracks in your baseboards every day, and while you might get used to them, it can also drive you a bit nuts. Take an afternoon during your weekend and fix those baseboards so you can relax with a drink later.

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16. Repaint a staircase.

The steps of wooden stairs wear down over time from use every single day. A fresh coat of paint can revive a set of stairs in no time, especially if you have a paint sprayer handy. Be sure to cover up the parts you don’t want to change with some tape and newspapers. Also, wear a breathing mask since you’ll be painting indoors. You can also choose to upgrade the color by hand, but you should use a large bristled brush to get the job done.

Photo Credit: Hardwood Floors Fort Worth

If you are a creative person, you can use this home improvement idea to show your artistic skills. For example, not only might you paint every step a different color, but you might give the step a different design or a positive word. You might even find a saying that you enjoy and paint it as you go up the stairs. That will not only give your guests something to smile about every time they see your stairs, but it will help improve your mental health as well.

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15. Convert cabinets into shelving.

Have you ever seen kitchens with shelving instead of cupboards? You might think this is a neat idea but unsure if you can do this in your own kitchen because you have so much cupboard space. This necessary home improvement is one of the easiest jobs you can do: simply remove your cabinet doors. That’s right. You can make it happen as easy as that. You don’t even need to worry about taking down your cupboard. Instead, you just take off the doors, hinges, and you’re good.

Photo Credit: Best Online Cabinets

No more opening and closing of doors, and you can instantly reach everything that you need. If you have more cupboards than you need, you can use these as display shelves for collection pieces to decorate your kitchen even more. You can use this shelving for your plates and cups. You could also use it to display your favorite china or another kitchen decor that you fell in love with. Do you love to decorate your kitchen with chefs? Go ahead and shop for different chef decor and have fun remodeling in just a few hours.

Photo Credit: The Spruce Crafts

14. Add a table behind your sofa.

When people think about having a table around their sofa, they look for a coffee table to set in front. You might also look for end tables to put on the sides so you can have a lamp, pictures, places to set drinks, and other decor items. However, have you ever thought of putting a table behind your sofa? That’s right. It is another smart idea that can change the whole look of your living room. Even if your couch is up against the wall, all you need to do is build your little table, move your sofa away from the wall, and set the table behind it.

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Need some extra shelf space but don’t want to buy new shelves? You can build your mini shelf to fit behind your couch so that you have a place for the remote, your favorite books, and maybe a few plants or too. All you need is a plank of wood that fits the width of the space between your couch and the wall, and then attach four legs to each corner. You can even saw a small hole into the wood to feed your power plugs through for your electronic devices.

Photo Credit: HGTV

13. Upgrade kitchen hardware with stainless steel paint.

It’s a popular item in your kitchen. Everyone seems to want a specific type of appliance, and this is stainless steel. The trouble with this is you don’t just want to jump up and purchase all new appliances because that’s one of the most expensive items that you can buy for your home, especially if you want your fridge, stove, and dishwasher to match. Fortunately, you can get the stainless steel look without having to go out and purchase the appliances.

Photo Credit: Pmq For Two

You can buy a container of liquid stainless steel and revive the look of any appliance in your house. It’s easy to brush on and makes your dishwasher or refrigerator look brand new. You may even be able to convince guests that you’ve replaced your appliances altogether if you want to. While this might be a fun thought, it might not be the best idea to completely convenience them of this. However, it’s a great way to start a conversation and then show them your little trick – if you feel they are worthy enough.

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12. Place a curtain rod and hooks over your sink.

Dish sponges can be very filthy, and it can be hard to get them dry when they’re sitting next to your sink. However, you can solve that problem quickly with this simple trick. Install a curtain rod and add some hooks, and you have a great place to hang a bask for your sponge, place your paper towels, and keep your kitchen towels on hand for use. You can also hang pots and pans from these hooks if you need to keep them out of the way while they’re drying.

Photo Credit: Walmart

One of the best parts about this quick and easy home improvement idea for your weekend is you can even find special paint to make the wire basket and curtain rod a special color. For instance, if you have white and you want to paint it purple, you can paint it. You can also hang up different sized baskets to help hold other items.

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11. Paint your linoleum floors.

Linoleum can lose its luster and look aged after some time. Ripping it up can also damage the foundations of your floors, so you’ll have to spend much money to start over from scratch. Alternatively, you could buy a bucket of your favorite color of paint and cover your linoleum with it. It’s not going to damage the flooring in any way, and you can have a fresh new floor that you can fall in love with all over again.

Photo Credit: Diy Network

Improving your home’s look doesn’t require spending a lot of money and waiting weeks for projects to be over. That is one of the simple weekend projects that are easy on the wallet, not to mention a breeze in time and effort. Your home will look beautiful before you know it, thanks to this easy home improvement project. Of course, there are still way more to look at in the list, so it’s important to keep reading!

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10. Add different colored lights.

You have already read how you can improve your home’s lighting by making it brighter in certain parts of your home that might not have much lighting. However, there is another way to add a special touch to your home with your lights. Try adding different colored lights. For instance, if you have green-colored walls, you can also add some green lighting to help brighten up the color when the sun goes down. While this is not always an ideal light to read by, it can give the room a special glow from the outside.

Photo Credit: Toms Guide

Another way to add different colored lights is to keep Christmas lights up around your home all year long. It helps you during Christmas because you don’t have to take the lights up and down. However, it also gives your room a special touch throughout the rest of the year. It’s also possible to add a string of lights that are your favorite color or simply change the lights with the season. For example, you might have green during the spring and then orange in the fall. 

Photo Credit: Family Handy Man

9. Repaint a room in your home

How long have you been looking at the same color of paint in your room? Often, people go so long without giving their rooms a fresh coat of paint that the paint starts to change color. For example, instead of having pure white walls, they might look off white or even have a yellow tint. Because this color change happens so slowly, you don’t even notice it. Of course, it’s also possible that you moved into a home that hasn’t been repainted in years, so you don’t even realize how old the paint is.

Photo Credit: The Spruce

A fresh coat of paint can often feel like you are living in a new home. By painting your off white walls back to pure white, you can brighten up your room without having to purchase new lighting or any other supplies. You can also give your home a unique touch by choosing different paint from most homes you have seen. On top of that, you don’t need to worry about spending too much money. You can usually buy enough paint for a room or two for around $100 or less! 

Photo Credit: Sisal Carpet

8. Install a runner on the stairs.

Have you taken a look at your steps lately? Whether they are wooden or carpet steps heading to your second floor or concrete stairs heading to the basement, you can look at ways to change them without spending too much money – and possibly making them a little safer in the long run. There is a lot of damage that can happen to steps as people use them often throughout the year. Plus, if you already have carpet on them, you might notice that they are stained with residue from outside or random messes your children have made.

Photo Credit: Brown Stoner

The key is to look for a runner for your stairs that will not only give your steps a nice pop but make your home look brand new. Stairs are a piece of your home that many people will see, so the more you make it look like a particular location, the more you will feel that your home belongs on the cover of a magazine. One of the nicest points about this idea is you can usually find a runner that will work at a home improvement store and complete the project yourself. 

Photo Credit: Pinterest

7. Install a vintage lantern.

Do you have a lovely foyer or inside porch that you feel could use a little change. It’s an area in your home that is heavily used as people go in and out. It’s also a space that people see as they walk through your home or even drop off a package. Because of this, it’s probably important to you that this space not only looks nice and tidy but also has a unique look that will make people smile as they walk into your home.

Photo Credit: Amazon

There are a lot of great light fixtures that you can hang in this area of your home. You could decide to take the standard route and add a boob light, or you could take a different route and install a vintage lantern. Not only will this stand out in your home, but it can even be a conversation starter. One great feature about a vintage lantern is you might be able to find one cheaply at a thrift store or garage sale. Of course, you can also find a replica one online for a reasonable price. 

Photo Credit: Early Experts

6. Select shutters over shades.

If you have windows, you have shades. Even if your window has a tint or has frosted glass, you probably invested in shades so you can make sure that you have the privacy you need when you want it. The trouble with shades is that they can break easily. They are also difficult to clean when they become full of dirt and dust (which seems to happen faster than you think). On top of this, everyone seems to have shades or blinds in their home. You might simply want something different.

Photo Credit: The Shutter Store

If this sounds like you, the right choice to make is to look at shutters. Yes, usually shutters are seen on the outside of the window, and while you can do this, you might not want to because you have a screen on your window or one side of your window that won’t open. Therefore, you need to look at installing shutters on the inside of your windows. Furthermore, shutters will add historical and architectural detail to your home that can keep the sunlight and prying eyes out of your home. 

Photo Credit: This Old House

5. Turn an old dresser into a bathroom vanity.

Do you have a vintage dresser that you adore but just don’t have the space for? Maybe you found one while antique or thrift store shopping and picked it up thinking that you will be able to find space for it some day. If this sounds like you and if you have room in your bathroom, you know exactly where it can go to give your bathroom a unique touch. Even if the dresser doesn’t have a mirror, that’s easy to either pick up or add a frame to match the dresser to your current bathroom mirror.

Photo Credit: Zameen

You can also get rid of your current vanity and sink and upgrade with the dresser. You will need to change by adding a sink into the dresser, but by measuring a sink and cutting the top of the dresser, you can make it happen. It’s more common than you think, and you can find DIY instructions online. The key is to ensure that your plumbing is done correctly. That even means requesting a plumber to come to your home. Just think of the character you can add to your bathroom by turning a boring old dresser into a vanity. 

Photo Credit: Modsy

4. Reorganize your entryway.

Do you have a walk-in closet by your front door or an entryway that is more of an embarrassment and eyesore than something beautiful? Everyone who comes to your door is likely to see this part of your home, so you need to make sure that you give them something pleasant to look at. However, it’s hard to think about how you can upgrade your current entryway, especially when you think about all its work. What if we told you that you could do it for under $20 and add a new shelf?

Photo Credit: Modsy

It’s true. You can reorganize your entryway by either adding a new shelf or a couple of shelving units. Furthermore, you can put anything from boxes to hold hats and mittens to decor on these shelves to give the entryway some character. Also, you could add some hooks for the most used items that tend to get collected on chairs and floors instead of put where they belong. If you need a bit more storage space, think about building a chest or adding a bench that has a storage compartment. Not only will guests be able to sit, but you can also hide a bit of the clutter.

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3. Install a sliding door.

You might have seen other people do this in their home and wonder what the hype is about. After all, many internal sliding doors look like barn doors, and you’re not sure if that’s the thing for you. However, once you install any type of sliding door in a doorway that doesn’t have a door or replace a current door, you will want to do it throughout your home because it gives everything a unique touch. It can also be a lot easier to open instead of needing to turn the doorknob.

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One of the best parts of this weekend home improvement project is you won’t need to spend more than a few hundred dollars. You will need a tape measure, paint tray, roller, utility knife, screwdriver, and possibly a saw to cut down the door if necessary. Of course, you will want to measure the size of the door you want before you head over to the store, and don’t forget about the sliding door track. It’s helpful to paint the door before you hang it, so you want to start the project one day and then finish it later that day or the next day. 

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2. Change your bedside storage.

Do you feel that your bedside table or storage is a bit of a cluttered mess? That happens easily as people tend to drop everything by their bedside. You might not only have books but an iPad and other devices that you use before bed or when you get up in the morning. You have other decor that you enjoy having in that space but find that you just don’t have the room for it because of your clutter. Well, it’s time to create more floor space and change up your bedside storage.

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All you need to do is get a wicker basket that you can hang on your wall to turn it into a shelving unit. Of course, you will need to find a way to hang up shelves in the basket, but this can be done by securing brackets underneath them. From there, you can add your decor and necessary bedside items. You can also thread a charger cord through the back of the basket and set one of the shelves up as a charging station. That allows you to know where your phone and other devices are – at least when they’re charging! 

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1. Build a window seat.

You have probably seen homes with a window seat and have always dreamed of having one in your home. Unfortunately, this is not the case – but this doesn’t mean that you can’t change it. It’s easier than you think to build a window seat. The key is to pick the best window. For instance, if you want to set plants on it, you want to pick a window to get a lot of sunlight. If you want to make a reading nook, you will want to pick the window to enjoy the scenery outside.

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Start by measuring the window and get the wood. You can find many DIY plans for window seats online, or you can make your own. You will also want to think of any painting you want to do, add cushions, and pillows for an additional touch. That can take a bit of time out of your weekend, but it will go faster than you think with planning. Plus, you will be able to enjoy sitting at that window seat for years to come. You can also give your pet a little place to sleep by adding a shelf underneath your seat for them to lay down. 


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