36 Ways to Incorporate Greek Design Into Home Decor

By Trista
36 Ways to Incorporate Greek Design Into Home Decor

Greece is an incredibly popular vacation destination thanks to its beautiful blue ocean views, warm sandy beaches, delicious foods, and rich historical culture. If you want to incorporate Grecian designs into your home, there are some easy style choices you can make to bring that warm, natural vibe into your favorite spaces.

Adding touches of jacquard or Greek key print fabrics are inexpensive and straightforward ways to incorporate the design. More complex and costly renovations might mean whitewashed walls, wood planked ceilings, or even archway doors. Read on for a plethora of ways to incorporate the beautiful, historical trends of Greece into your home’s interior design!



1. Exposed Walls

There is strongly rustic energy to a lot of Greek interior designs, with exposed brick and stone walls being a common sign in many traditionally decorated homes.  This decor provides a clean aesthetic that is simultaneously quite warm and welcoming.  The exposed stone can also help keep homes cool in the hot Grecian summers.

If your home does not have brick, stone or even plank walls that can be exposed, try integrating a whitewashed brick feature or accent wall.  A bricked-surround fireplace surround would be another way to incorporate the exposed wall feeling without dedicating committing to an entire renovation.