40 Celebrity Havens from Around the World

By Trista
40 Celebrity Havens from Around the World

One thing that celebrities are known for is their amazing houses. Many of your favorite stars have gorgeous properties around the globe. While Los Angeles and New York City are the main cities for celebs to live, there are many impressive homes located around the world. Some live in penthouse apartments while others reside in large houses on plots of land. These impressive abodes include luxury features like walk-in closets, swimming pools, saunas, and extensive garages. 

People are always vying to see what kinds of homes the stars live in. Many even take tours in Hollywood to get a glimpse of their favorite celebrities’ pricey houses. Seeing the lives of luxury they lead can give us the sense that one day when we’re successful, we can live in homes like that too. It does take time and effort to get to that point of success, so for now, sit back and enjoy the beautiful celebrity homes from all over the world. Which of these home would you live in throughout the year?


Credit: Lonny

1. Kylie Jenner’s California Mansion

Thanks to Kylie Jenner’s beauty empire, she’s worth nearly $1 billion. That means she can afford to have a luxurious home in Southern California. At only 20 years old, Kylie Jenner has a mansion in the Hidden Hills, worth well over $12 million. She bought the house next door too, though no one knows what she’s going to do with all of that property. 

The home sports eight bedrooms, sits on 1.4 acres and comes with a pool and a home theater. There’s a lot of interior space, especially in the kitchen, and a party patio for her and her family to entertain all of their guests. Kylie Jenner also has plenty of space for her daughter Stormi to play in.