60 Design Tips to Maximize the Smallest Spaces

Trista - April 3, 2019

It probably seems like an impossible task to keep your tiny house clean and organized. However, you don’t have to resort to throwing everything away and starting over from scratch. Sometimes all you need is a plan to simplify your belongings and breathe new life into the small space. Employing any of the following easy design tips will set you on the right path to reclaiming your room again and making the most of it. Don’t worry if you have a limited amount of square footage these days — with kids doing virtual school and parents having at-home offices, you can design your small space in many ways to amplify the area. Check out these awesome ideas for your home today.


This wooden panel can really maximize your studio apartment. Pinterest

60. Add Unobtrusive Partitions

It’s easy to separate a room with just a simple “wall” that differentiates your room areas. Doing it this way will avoid the feeling of isolation, too. Pick a slatted wood “wall,” and you will still have everything in view, but while remaining private. Besides wooden features, you could also opt for curtain-type partitions; however, depending on the quality and pattern, it might not look as polished and put-together as the wood version.

If your office looks like this, with stuff scattered everywhere, try to organize it a bit to make the space more welcoming. ABC News

59. Declutter Your Space

This tip might seem like a no-brainer, but it is a critical step you don’t want to miss. Get rid of stuff you don’t need. It can feel harrowing to throw away, but you then say goodbye if the belonging is not benefiting. Have a garage sale or donate your items; they will be more useful to someone else than they are to you! After your space is decluttered, motivate yourself not to allow that to happen again. If it does, you already know what needs to be done!

Using color blocks can break up a space into different sections, like this photo showcases. Pinterest

58. Paint Color Blocks

Micro-zoning is the method of separating the area you have into separate rooms. One of the best ways to do this is with color blocking. You can color-code each zone with different shades to change the atmosphere of each space. You’ll adore the result. Not only is this reno a fast and easy DIY project, but your friends and family will love the final product, too. Get ready for endless compliments and rave reviews with this one.

Make sure you look around your room to find places that can be used for storage. Pinterest

57. Use Vertical Space

Use doors and walls as your storage space. Your items will be on hand without having to go into storage bins to find them. Adding some wire hangers to the backs of your doors also keeps them out of the way. This design tip is excellent for the bathroom, too. Often, houses just don’t have the hallway space to store things side-by-side. Here is an excellent alternative if you can use vertical space instead.

Having a detailed filing system can help maximize any small space. Pinterest

56. Store It

Keeping your clutter under control can seem like an uphill battle. When all of your shelves are full, consider utilizing the floor to help. Get under-the-bed storage bins to keep some of your stuff, as well as stackable containers so that you can still have floor space to use. If you have much stuff, maybe you should invest in a storage unit. On the other hand, you could build a shed or pole barn on your property for extra storage.

Innovative furniture that can move is always good for a tiny spot. Pinterest

55. Get a Hideaway Desk

Desks can take up much space, and they can be challenging to move around if you need to make room for other things. Instead, consider a surface like this one that is attached to the wall. It makes for a nice, unobtrusive shelf and can be popped up into a desk for when you need it. With everyone working from home these days, a hideaway desk might be the perfect solution to your tiny at-home office.

Maximize your space by including multiple features in one area. Pinterest

54. Create A Built-In Corner

This great idea provides you with a lot of counter space to use for your work routine and have the floor space you need. Moreover, when it’s time for bed, just pull your bed out. No more having to make the bed so that it’s presentable or having less floor space in general. This design is an easy solution to a difficult problem. Get started with remodeling your room today, so tomorrow you can be ready for the next step.

Are you working at an at-home office these days? Try this small desk. Pinterest

53. You’ll Adore Minimal Desks

Maybe a hideaway desk isn’t quite your thing. If you want more permanent furniture in your home, consider ones that don’t take up much space. This simple desk provides you with the surface you need, but it fits in the corner of the room and even has added shelving for your other belongings. If you have minimal space, you should always look at your furniture to practicality for the area.

Just like doors can be used as space savers, so can corners. Pinterest

52. Go in the Corner

Don’t worry; you are not in time out — you should like this corner trick. Corners can be great places for tables and shelves. Everything is tucked away and not taking up the room you need while still adding a beautiful aesthetic to the office. Try out a few different furniture options in the corners of your space to create a specific vibe. You might even find a new favorite spot in the home, thanks to this cozy nook.

The style of a space can affect the size just like furniture can. Pinterest

51. Stay Simple

Even this one-room apartment is capable of utilizing all of the space you have. A little micro-zoning with a small partition and a comfortable couch transforms the space into both a bedroom and a living room. The bare walls are capable of much storage with some added shelves too. Staying simple sometimes goes for the colors and decor instead of just the furniture. Pure white and neutral colors can amplify a space.

Take the door off of that under-the-stairs closet. Pinterest

50. Build an Under-the-Stairs Office

For open stairs, you can maximize that space to create a personal home office. Set up a small desk and chair, add some shelves, and you’re ready to go. It may even become your new favorite spot to spend your day. If this option doesn’t work out for your small space, don’t worry; there are plenty of other at-home office ideas for your tiny square footage — keep reading!

Do you have a ledge around your upstairs banister? Take a look. Pinterest

49. Transform the Staircase Space

Instead of adding extra shelving around your home, why not use a shelf you may already have? The lip around your staircase can be a great storage place for your favorite books. You can quickly grab whatever you need when passing to your bedroom or heading downstairs for breakfast. You can give this DIY a try on the weekend. Like most of the items on this list, it is fast and easy to rework the space.

Here is another example of under-the-stair space that can make your guests envy your home. Pinterest

48. Make a Cozy Hideaway

Under the stairs can be the perfect place to throw down a small couch or daybed and add some shelves for your knick-knacks and magazines. Snuggle up with a mug of tea and read until it is dinner time. This design idea creates an attractive space that would be hard for anyone to ignore. Whether you are young or old, this space will bring joy to your life. You can read a book, watch a show, or just use your imagination before taking a nap.

Do you want pull-out drawers within your stairs? Try this DIY project! Pinterest

47. Save It in Staircase Drawers

Under each step is just an empty spot, begging for some storage to be put inside. Install a drawer under each step of your staircase, and you’ve doubled, if not tripled, your storage space. If you don’t want to access this space, make sure you have some closet type on the stairs’ flip side. The area will be larger and more accessible for coats instead of just shoes.

Go all the way upstairs and you will find even more ways to maximize your space. Pinterest

46. Don’t Forget About the Attic Space

If you do have an attic, don’t just use it for storage. Dress it up a little and transform it into another small room you can utilize. A reading cove, craft room, a game spot, or even a place to steal a nap — the possibilities are endless. If you have little kids, a play area is ideal. For the bigger ones, maybe some drums and video consoles. As for the adults, a poker table would do the trick.

Houses that come with built-ins are great, but you can make your own. Pinterest

45. Try Layered Drawers

If you’re still stuck on what to do with your attic space, here’s a great idea: install plenty of drawers. You can use them to store your winter clothes for the season, clothes to donate, or other items you need to put away. No matter what you put in the drawers, you will be grateful for having the storage area clean and handy. That way, you can enjoy living in your home, no matter the square footage.


This desk is perfect for the small space in the corner. Pinterest / Shanty 2 Chic

44. Use L-shaped Desks

Here is another desk solution for your new at-home office. Since it is such a tiny space that you didn’t anticipate sitting in so much, you want to make it pleasant. Adding an L-shaped desk to the room will use up the empty corner space while still giving you a working surface. Put up some high shelves to store your personal things, and you could have a cozy home office in no time.

Have you ever considered using a lazy Susan in your bedroom? Pinterest

43. Try Rotating Storage

Have you ever heard of a Lazy Susan in the kitchen? Do you know about those rotating bookshelves in stores? This design tip is no different. It’s a convenient way to keep your books of belongings to let you see everything you have and reach it easily. Varying shelf heights can also add a nice contrast for those larger items you want to show off too. This ingenious invention might have the word lazy in it, but Susan should be proud.

If you can, pull out your stair space — literally. Pinterest

42. Slide Storage Under the Stairs

An ingenious way to hide those unsightly power tools you don’t want littering your home. Store some muddy boots, hide your wet umbrella, or keep empty storage bins out of the way. This storage solution goes beyond hiding old costumes or books that you read a million times. Save the space for practical items that you might want to pull out quickly, depending on the weather.

You probably thought that little handle wouldn’t pull that entire wardrobe out of the wall. Pinterest

41. Build a Hidden Closet

Clothes, shoes, and accessories often get shoved to the side when closet space is small. With a little ingenuity, you can transform your attic into a personal closet. This hidden closet slides in and out of the wall so that you’ll never know it’s there when it’s closed. A terrific place to store those special outfits that you don’t wear very often but still like to keep on hand.

A bed that is built into the wall and pulls at with one hand is convenient, to say the least. Pinterest

40. Use a Trundle Bed

Another bed option is available for small spaces! Having a slide-away bed will save you a ton of square footage. It can also serve as a guest bed when you have company staying the night, especially if you have kids in your house still. If you want to skip the extra bed, see if your frame can include more drawers for storage. This bed option might be the perfect answer to your small space problem.

Create a loft space to maximize your tiny area. Pinterest

39. Adjust the Levels

Why keep all of your rooms on the same level when you can build up? Give space multiple functions that are separated by building different levels throughout the room. The bed is kept high and out of the way, and the area underneath is used for a closet. Think outside of the box a bit, and you will adore the outcome. Build up, build out, build whatever you can to maximize your small space.

You don’t have to own a library to love a sliding ladder. Hearst

38. Install a Sliding Ladder

These aren’t just for libraries. Installing some tracks in your home for your bookshelves to slide on can grant you a lot of space and even hide doors that you’re not using. Your guests will discover just how much bigger your area is when finding these “hidden” doors. Your sliding ladder will become your favorite decor — both practical and unique. It is a genuine ‘wow’ factor.

This picture alone can you show the amazing difference of this design trick. LiaGriffith.com

37. Take Advantage of Wide and Tall Curtains

This design tip is a grand yet straightforward optical illusion you can pull off that makes your room look much taller than it is. Just buy a more extended hang bar and install it higher over your windows. That’s all you need for an adequate fix. Even if you have a tiny window, don’t be afraid to put extensive curtains in the space. It will create a lovely illusion you never thought of before.

Who wouldn’t love a retro red refrigerator in their kitchen? Hearst

36. Go Retro

Decades ago, certain appliances and furniture were required to be small, as apartments didn’t afford much space. Finding a retro appliance can be a little expensive these days, but its compact size can make a difference in your home. Try to get a cool frig like back in the coke bottle days. If it doesn’t work for our family, it’s not worth it. Maybe in the basement bar area, however!

Skip the large sectional and opt for small small chairs and ottomans instead. 24spaces.com

35. Buy Smaller Furniture

Using smaller furniture will give you more space, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice comfort and style. You might have to do a little more shopping, but staging a house with furniture that is not overly large will enhance the square footage. You don’t need a giant sectional that is a wall-to-wall mess. Besides, it is better to have furniture a little away from the wall for better flow and walking space.

Mirrors are the ultimate hack when it comes to amplifying a tiny room. Hearst

34. Hang Up Mirrors

Adding mirrors to walls can open up the room and make it look much more significant, especially if you live in an apartment without many windows. However, avoid placing mirrors on walls that are opposite windows, since you don’t want sunlight to be shining directly into your eyes. Besides making the space appear bigger, mirrors can be decorative pieces that serve as wall art; however, you can also glance at your pretty face before leaving for a date.

You can make a small space look lovely with the right design. digsdigs.com

33. Paint with Neutral Tones

Use mostly neutral tones within your home to keep the place warm and welcoming. That doesn’t mean you should shy away from all colors. You can add some contrast with patterned throws and rugs to give the room some character. Try three neutral ones and then one accent wall with a pop of color. That way, everything is aesthetically pleasing, no matter who visits.


32. Install Wall-Mounted Lighting

Clear up your counter space by getting rid of those table lamps and install a sconce instead. Depending on the type you purchase, some wall-mounted lights can swivel at different angles. That way, you can still get the illumination that you need. From the living room and den to the office and bedroom, you will want to set up all of your lights this way after seeing how great the option works.

This luggage display is quite charming — and doubles as storage. Hearst

31. Place a Closet in Plain Sight

There’s no need to hide away your drawers. This creative use of luggage provides you with storage in the open while still adding charm to a hallway. Experimentation is necessary to see what will work well in your space. Whatever works for you is great; don’t worry about it being a typical use of space. You don’t live with your neighbors, so give this one a try.

If you don’t want to build it the rack into the wall directly, you can always put it away in a cupboard. Hearst

30. Consider Expandable Racks

Also called accordion racks, these fold up neatly against the wall out of the way. Installed in the laundry room, you can hang quick-drying items from the frame instead of placing them in your dryer, saving you on space and electricity. These expandable racks might be an eyesore, but that is why they are so easy to put away when you are done using them. Functional and easy to store — that’s a win-win.

A wooden, built-in breakfast nook is an ideal addition to a tiny area. Hearst

29. Create Built-In Seating

Chairs are essential, yes, but built-in seating will take up less space than individual chairs. After all, kids have a hard time pushing in their chairs as it is these days. Install a bench against the wall with some comfortable pillows, and you have a nice breakfast nook for the whole family. Besides the kitchen, you could do a built-in deck space. The summers have never been so fun thanks to simple yet effective seating.

You can open up your room with this pop of color. marthastewart.com

28. Paint your Ceiling

Painting your ceiling a bright color can draw attention to the room. It’s a nice contrast to all the neutrals you have and will make the ceiling appear a bit taller. Paint the top of a room with much natural light coming in to feel too foreboding. Try to look up tips about how to paint it before you get started. That way, you can avoid simple mistakes others already learned from their first time around this reno.

If you don’t have closet or drawer space, improvise with some hanging racks. apartmenttherapy.com

27. Try Hanging Racks

Don’t have much space in your closet? Consider bringing your clothes out and placing them on a hanging rack. This design tip will add more texture and color to the room with your clothing alone, and will still provide you with some exciting and versatile storage. On the other hand, maybe you should sort through some of your wardrobes. If you don’t wear an article for over a year, consider donating it.

A murphy bed might have been invented decades ago, but it still helps studio apartments shine in the 21st century. apartmenttherapy.com

26. Consider a Murphy Bed

These are those fancy beds that fold away into a wall and can be covered up. Technology has made them more comfortable and easier to store away, so why not give them a try in terms of a fold-away bed? You will have extra space during the day to play, work, exercise, or anything else you like! At night, simply pull down the bed. When you make your bed in the morning, there is just an extra step.

You can breath easily thanks to some green foliage. apartmenttherapy.com

25. Add a House Plant

With all the things you have going on inside your home, why would you want to add more? Don’t doubt the wonders of adding a small or medium plant to your decor. Bringing a little bit of nature into your home will help you breathe easier, literally. Put some fresh house plants around your home. The green foliage will dress up any space from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Upgrade your sleeping space with something at the edge of the bed. apartmenttherapy.com

24. Make Some Leg Room

What’s going at the end of your bed? Nothing? Great, then add some shelving. Place your favorite reading materials there, so they’re within reach. The top of the shelves will also provide you with an extra surface to store more things on. Alternatively, it might be an excellent step for your furry friend. You will get used to this addition right away — and wonder why you didn’t add it sooner.

You don’t need to install a hefty staircase if you want to add a loft. Pinterest

23. Create Hidden Places with Ladders

There are plenty of areas in your home where you can hide other “rooms” if you exercise a little creativity. Look for unusually high spots that you can attach a ladder to and transform into an entirely new space. Loft spaces are helpful because they provide extra space for hobbies, relaxation, or storage. If you can make a loft, or something similar, you should go for it!


You can use any extra space to make a parlor — or pantry! Pinterest

22. Make a Secret Parlor

If you have a small kitchen, but you need storage, you should consider building your own parlor under the stairs. These helpful shelves will keep your spices, canned goods, and other assorted groceries out of the way. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a massive kitchen renovation, try reworking the space using handy items that will create a better flow of space.

All of the different size nooks are perfect for your books, accessories, and other trinkets. Pinterest

21. Consider Built-In Shelves Along the Stairs

You probably already used up all of the space under your stairs. You can build up some shelves along the wall of your staircase for some extra storage. Be sure not to add anything breakable that you might knock over in passing. You will wonder why you waited so long to install these convenient shelves. They are practical and can be down on a weekend if you like DIY projects.

Sconces are light fixtures attached to the wall, and they can create quite the statement. Shutterstock

20. Get Your Lighting Off The Floor

Floor lamps can take up valuable real estate in your room. If space is an issue, consider lighting up your tiny room with wall fixtures. Sconces do not take up any surface space after they are mounted on the wall, and they add an element of class to any room. The swinging arm is perfect for whatever you need. Sconces can be adjusted to either direct light down, which is ideal for reading. You can also point it toward the rest of the room to illuminate the rest of the room.

You can use what is available to make the most of a small room, like the space under a bed. Shutterstock

19. Take Advantage of Your Surface Space

It can be challenging to figure out where to place all of your stuff when your room is a bit on the small side, but much creativity can go a long way. Utilize the available space to your advantage. If there is a windowsill, use it for extra storage instead of a bulky table. If it is a bedroom, select a higher bed frame to store items underneath. You can also put in some customized pieces to help with any needed surfaces.

You do not have to be boring when it comes to your small living space. Shutterstock

18. Get Creative With Different Wallpaper

Don’t be afraid to be daring with a bold, bright wallpaper for your small room. Designers like to refer to it as a jewel-box like an effect, meaning the space feels more intimate thanks to the bright and colorful hues. Some can even give the illusion of more space than you have. You do not have to cover the entire wall to make an impact. Consider a small nook with a fun print to pull off a statement piece that says something about your personality. You will feel fresh and revived in a living space with an interior design that shows off your quirky side.

If you are working with a small bedroom, you can make the room feel larger by forgoing the traditional headboard piece. Shutterstock

17. Forget Installing A Headboard

You can say a lot or a little about small sleeping quarters, but there is only so much room after the bed is installed. There is not much else to squeeze in, no matter how much you try. Headboards can be handy but may not always work based on what kind of space you are working with. Try a minimalist approach and leave out the bulky piece behind the head of the bed. Some other options for your wall could include a frameless mirror or linen bedding, depending on how your mood strikes.

A good eye can spot how well design items are working in a small space. Shutterstock

16. Scale Everything To The Space

In interior design, size can matter, and it is not just the furniture pieces. Decorating allows you the chance to play with colors, shapes, and all kinds of prints, but you should be mindful of what you are putting into your living space. Pay close to the details and the scale of the items you are choosing for your room. You want your belongings to speak well to the room’s proportions and make sure everything works together in perfect harmony. You would be surprised how many compliments you can get from guests when everything works together.

Transform your small bedroom into a place that is cozy and inviting. Shutterstock

15. Let Your Linens Be Layered

Nothing compliments a big cozy bed than what lies on top. If your bedroom features a prominent bed that takes up a large chunk of the room, then play up the oversized furniture with lots of linens. Layering your blankets and pillows on top of the mattress creates a welcoming environment that makes you want to sink right in under the covers. Nothing at the end of a long hard day says cozy like lots of soft materials! You can be relaxed and comfortable in a space that suits your mind at ease as you drift off to sleep.

Your room can double in size with a daybed. Shutterstock

14. Consider A Daybed To Maximize Space

Increase your small bedroom’s potential by shrinking the bed and using a daybed. What you need in the room depends on your desired function. Your mattress only needs to be a sleeping fortress overnight, or if it is an extra room, you need it when guests stay over. The rest of the time, it could serve other purposes. Arrange your pillows against the wall so that it can be a lounge area or a place to work on your laptop. If the location allows, you can also put in a small coffee table to transition from night to day and later back to nighttime.

Rooms that do not have the place for furniture can use foldable pieces. Shutterstock

13. Incorporate Foldable Pieces

The trouble with small rooms is the inability to keep the clutter down and no place to put bulky furniture. If your room does not permit the space for an accent career, consider a slim stool that could be folded and tucked away when not in use. The collapsible furniture reduces messes to a minimum. Other foldable options include tabletops, TV trays, and chairs. The best part could be all stored under your bed, in a closet, or wherever you need to keep them until you are ready to use them.

The right colors can make a small space seem even bigger. Shutterstock

12. Choose The Right Color Palette

Redecorate your room with a fresh coat of paint. What palette to choose depends on the aesthetic that you are trying to achieve. Dark colors do not necessarily make a room feel small. They can have the illusion of a more expansive space. Embrace the size and moodiness of the room with a charcoal gray, navy blue, or dark olive wall and then pair with matching and complementary accents to bring out the best in your small space. If you prefer white or neutral colors, consider subtle patterns and neutral pieces to add dimension. The possibilities are endless.

With vertical lines, your room can seem bigger, even if it is slightly on the small side. Shutterstock

11. Maximize Vertical Space With Lines

When you wonder what to do with a tiny room, you may want to consider ways to elongate the space. Vertical lines naturally lengthen the areas that they fill. You can create a comfortable, relaxed vibe with a room that visibly feels larger. The long and the short of the reason is that humans tend to think in literal lines. Our eyes are naturally attracted to them. Vertical lines convey strength, balance, and elevation. Some ways to create a vertically lined room include hanging curtains from the ceiling and adding a floating shelf to display your artwork and knick-knacks.

Invited the sunshine into your room to keep the space warm and inviting. Shutterstock

10. Let The Natural And Artificial Light In

You do not have to rely on one light source in your small room. One ceiling lamp tends only to create one pool of light. Spread the light around with several different lighting options. Put your bed or couch beneath the window to make a natural focal point and let the natural light come in. You can also put floor lamps in the corners and table lamps to focus on different room points. The multiple light sources can also create different moods depending on what atmosphere you were trying to convey.

Keep it to the bare seasonal essentials for your small rooms, with the rest tucked away from when the weather changes. Shutterstock

9. Select Storage For Rotating Your Closet

Rotating your closet can keep you organized and save you time getting ready in the morning, no matter what the weather is like outside. It is also a space saver. If your closet lacks the available real estate for all of your clothes, you can put your winter clothes up during the summer months from May to October and vice versa for the colder weather options. The best storage options for small spaces could include clear bins or storage bags so you can have an accurate inventory of what you have. Your drawer for stockings in the winter can house your sandals during the summer.

Essential pieces for your small room can also be whimsical while serving a purpose. Shutterstock

8. Find The Fun In Functional Pieces

Additional pieces for a small spaced room can also perform double duty. Pick a nightstand that could also be used as a dresser or a bench; that way, it can be a catch-all for any clothes, pillows, and garments that get flung. A nook in the kitchen is another creative way because it creates a room-within-a-room feel for your living space. There are lots of storage options to not only be playful in your design but also help you love your small room all the more.

An attractive ceiling with details can make a room feel larger than life. Shutterstock

7. Play Up Your Ceiling With Decor

Anytime you can draw the eyes upward, you will give off the illusion of a larger space. Consider adding above-the-head design elements as a way to play up your small room’s features. You can accentuate the ceiling by nailing wood panels for dimension and texture or rough-hewn ceiling beams for a rustic decor look. Patterned ceilings are also a great option if you have a slanted or sloped ceiling. You can also paint your ceiling a darker color, like eggplant, that contrasts your other designs but still coordinates with your overall theme.

Several products on the market provide unique and functional ways to show off your jewelry and accessories. Shutterstock

6. Show Off Your Jewelry Accessories

If your bedroom cannot equip a large dresser, but you still want to show off your accessory collection, there are several options outside the traditional jewelry box. Showcase your necklaces and earrings as if they are part of the decor. The odds are that some of your pieces are the brightest and most beautiful items that you have. Keep them in plain sight by opting for small shallow dishes on top of the nightstand or vanity. This hack allows you to use your other drawers for other storage.

Shiplap trends are considered trendy with those who love the farmhouse look. Shutterstock

5. Implement Shiplap In Your Design

Shiplap is a growing trend in interior design where a wooden board that is commonly used outdoors for barns and sheds is incorporated in different siding projects. Each of the panels is milled and connected snugly into the next, and the distinctive lines add character to rooms. If you are going for a farmhouse-inspired look, consider wide to slim cuts of shiplap material as a way to make a minimalist statement without overpowering your small spaced room.

Create the illusion of height with weathered walls and other accent features. Shutterstock

4. Work With Weathered Walls

You can expand a room with short ceilings by installing weathered wall boards vertically. This rustic wood wall gives the illusion that the rooms are infinitely taller than they are. Other items to add to the room could be long and lean bedside mirrors to counteract the loss of space taken up by the bed, dresser, and other pieces. It is all about restoring the natural balance of the room with a warm and whimsical hue.

Sometimes, it is not what you put in your room. It can be about the space that you leave to make the room look bigger. Shutterstock

3. Embrace The Empty Space

Resist the urge to over-design a small room and push all of the pieces to the corners. The practice could cause a claustrophobic feel. Instead, group your furniture to one side of the room and create a pathway so guests can pass through unhindered. You should also appreciate the virtue of emptiness on your walls and in your bookshelves. The space in small rooms allows the area to breathe and better harmonize with the rest of the room.

Try this hack in your at-home office. Shutterstock

2. Yoga Ball Chair

Have you ever sat on a yoga ball for work? Sure, you have for exercise, but hear this one out. Elementary school kids sometimes sit on yoga balls as opposed to chairs, depending on the teacher. This way, they can stay more focused instead of moving all around in their chairs. You can develop your chair and do some office work at the same time. Plus, it will save a space for an office chair. You can tuck the ball under the desk or move it back to your exercise space.

Get ready for some fun this summer on your deck and balcony. Shutterstock

1. Tiered Deck and Balcony

You already know you can make built-in seating for your deck. Instead of pulling out a four-seat table and umbrella every season, you can have benches readily available. That way, your deck area can be for other things like cooking, dancing, or drinking games. Build up and add a balcony onto your bedroom. It will be a great space for sitting and drinking your morning coffee.