50 Easy Storage Ideas for Home Organization

Trista - May 26, 2019

Does spring cleaning get the best of you every year? Trying to decorate for Christmas is a whole other story. It’s time to take control of your home and transform it for the better. Here are some great tips you can use that aren’t expensive and won’t take up much time out of your day to implement. Just a few small upgrades may be all you need to make your home feel new again. You will wonder why you didn’t utilize these easy storage ideas sooner!

Use a shoe organizer to store all your cables and add some labels to make them even better for you. https://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com

50. Cord Organization

Having so many cords for your devices can lead to a jumbled knotted mess; you may even forget what half of your wires are for by now. Keep everything in check by using a shoe organizer to hold all your cords. Add labels to know what they’re for so that your junk drawers can be more organized. It can hang them inside a cupboard door so that the mess is stored away, but it is now an organized mess instead!

Use these added shelf storage slide-on drawers to help keep all of your containers organized and in one space. https://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com

49. Container Storage

Adding a simple shelf under your cabinets for your plastic containers will free up a lot of space in your cupboards. It will also be easier to keep track of all of your tubs and their lids so that you won’t have to be scrambling to match them all just to find the right one. You can get a few of these to organize your lids and containers into different sizes and purposes if you want to be the king or queen of home organization.

Transform an old wooden hanger into a beautiful way to store your necklaces and stop them from getting tangled. https://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com

48. Jewelry Hanger

Transform an old wooden hanger into an organizational tool for your necklaces and other assorted jewelry. Simply add some hooks, and everything will be on display for quicker and easier choices when accessorizing. No more rifling through a jewelry drawer or having your favorite pieces tangled together, at risk of them breaking. This storage hack also creates a beautiful piece of decor for your bedroom or dressing room. Hang all your favorite necklaces and enjoy looking at them whenever you get dressed. You can even hang up a few of these at different heights.

Instead of throwing away unused bowls and plates, turn them into storage solutions for bits and bobs that don’t have a home. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com

47. Old Plates

Do you have bowls and saucers you’re not using anymore? Please give them a new purpose by placing them in a junk drawer to store smaller things, such as paper clips, batteries, or band-aids. You’ll find what you need much more quickly instead of spending hours digging around in a drawer of clutter. This storage hack is an amazing idea for things like DIY areas or even for organizing your garage. You can separate all your tools and nails into different bowls and plates to be scattered everywhere and hard to find.

Magnetic storage is one of the best things to have ever happened as it clips on easily, and you can store items better. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com

46. Magnetic Strips

Create extra storage to the inside of your cabinets by adding magnetic strips to the doors. Keep your razors and nail clippers out of the way so that you can utilize more shelf space for your other bathroom products and toiletries. You often end up rummaging through your drawers for these items and making a big mess. By adding magnetic storage to the inside of your cabinets in the bathroom, you will avoid this, and you really will appreciate how much easier these tasks are. Magnetic storage can be used all around the home for a variety of items too.

Get makeup drawers to put into your bathroom drawer to keep your brushes and tools more organized. https://www.amazon.com

45. Makeup Drawers

Sort all of your makeup items by placing a desk organizer in your bathroom drawer — one pocket for lipsticks, another for eye shadow. You’ll be able to put on a fresh face of makeup much faster every morning so that you can spend more time having breakfast or with your loved ones. This storage hack is a genius to keep your makeup organized instead of having it all inside one bag. Laying it out flat, you will be able to see exactly what you have and what you don’t. It also will make your experience of getting all dressed up a lot more fun.

Add additional storage to your linen closet by attaching a towel rack to the inside of the door. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com

44. Linen Closet Towel Rack

Wet towels lying on the ground, getting moldy, is no one’s idea of fun. Give your linen closet a makeover and more shelf space by adding a towel rack to the inside of the door. You can hang up your towels and keep them out of the way while you’re doing other laundry. Linen closets are often underused – we tend to just keep the old towels and bedding in them. It’s time to use them properly and add in beneficial storage items such as the towel rack where you can hang items that need to dry or just have extra space to keep things neat and tidy.

Add hooks to your shower curtain to help you store toiletries and shower items if you don’t have shelving space. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com

43. Toiletry Hooks

Adding some hooks to your shower curtain rod keeps everything out of the way but still accessible for use. We’re prone to having many products in the shower alone, but this way, you won’t be confused about what you’re using: no more accidentally putting body wash in your hair or conditioner on your body. We’re shocked that we hadn’t thought of this idea before! Some showers don’t fit a shower caddy easily, which is the perfect solution to that problem. You can also add as many hooks as you need for your toiletries and supplies.

Create a day spa feel in your bathroom with this nail polish cabinet to keep all your favorite colors ready to use. https://www.bhg.com

42. Nail Polish Shelf

The counter space in your bathroom tends to get cluttered with many things, and one of the most space-consuming items is nail polish. We can never have just one bottle, so this shelf takes care of that problem. Having a set space for nail polish will give you back your bathroom counters, and having them on display can give your bathroom that “spa” feel. If you are a nail polish lover, you’re going to wish you had done this sooner. Place your collection on display, and you’ll have everyone wanting a spa day at your house.

Use hanging storage for your board game collection instead of letting it take up space in a vital cupboard. Source: goodhousekeeping.com

41. Hanging Storage For Games Night

Do you have many board games stacked up in a cupboard that could be used for something more important? Buy yourself a hanging storage unit that you can stack your board games in instead. This storage hack can even be hung in a cupboard that isn’t used and brought out when you have guests over for the game night. These hanging storage compartments are large and can take quite a few games. You can also use this to stack things like DVDs and all the things you need for a fun night.


40. Spice Smart Clips

Lazy Susans are great for spices, but searching for what you need among all those tiny bottles can be a nightmare. Add a set of smart clips to the inside of any cupboard door, and you can find precisely the spice you need. That means more space in your cupboards for your other kitchen items as well. You can easily order these online and add them to any cupboard doors in your kitchen to store your spices very nicely. This storage hack is a good option if you don’t have much counter space for a spice rack.

Repurpose an old Starbucks cup into a tissue storage solution that will fit in perfectly to your car’s cup holder. Source: goodhousekeeping.com

39. Starbucks Tissue Storage

When you are in your car, especially if you’re a parent, you find yourself needing tissues quite frequently. Tissue boxes are an awkward size for most cars but do you know what isn’t? A Starbucks cup! You can easily take an old Starbucks takeaway cup and transform it into the perfect tissue holder for your car. Simply cut out a hole in the middle of the lid and fill it with tissues. Place this in your cup holder, and you’re good to go. Refill this whenever you need to – this tip is the most incredible and affordable idea.

This hack is perfect for storing things you don’t need often like holiday decorations or seasonal clothing items. https://www.familyhandyman.com

38. Overhead Storage

Are you tired of shoving things under your bed to keep them out of the way? Have you considered looking up? Ceilings provide a lot of space for storage ideas, so make good use of it. Add some wooden I-beams to your garage ceiling to store large plastic tubs of tools and outdoor gear so that they’re not getting rusty or being tripped over. For overhead storage, it won’t be the everyday things that you need. You’ll use this for things like Halloween and Christmas decorations, so find storage that can store many things.

Stop losing all your hair ties with this carabiner clip solution that will help you keep them stored and safe. http://www.hiitsjilly.com

37. Carabiner Clip for Hair Ties

Are you always losing hair ties under the bed or in your car? Keep them all together with one handy tool: a carabiner. They’re not only for climbing! Carabiner clips are quite sturdy, so you’re not going to be losing your hair ties any time soon. You can keep these around the house: one in the bathroom, another in the bedroom, and one in your handbag for emergencies. If you ever come across a hair tie, you can simply clip it on and add it to your collection.

Mason jars are amazing bathroom storage options because you can take the lids off if you don’t need them or keep them bottled up too. https://www.lizmarieblog.com

36. Mason Jar Storage

If you’re a pasta hound and have plenty of sauce jars just lying around, give them a new purpose by turning them into storage. Attach them to the wall of your bathroom, and you have a handy place to store your Q-tips and cotton balls. This hack eliminates the clutter and shows you when you’re close to running out. You can use mason jars to store just about anything, and they work so well in the bathroom. If you have items that can’t take moisture, simply keep the lid screwed on well and undo it when you need to use the item.

Use a shower rail in your kitchen to hang up utensils and even a spice rack if you don’t have counter or cupboard space. https://www.gettyimages.com/

35. Shower Rods in the Kitchen

Do you have a drawer full of random kitchen utensils? Make them more comfortable to reach by placing a shower rod in your kitchen and some hooks to hang them. You can even add hanging shelves to store your most essential spices and cooking oils so that they’re always on hand. Stop and think for a second: you probably never thought that there would be another purpose for a shower rail. However, this hack adds so much storage to your kitchen that you will just love it. You can pick a beautiful stainless steel one that will look sleek with all your utensils.


34. Popcorn Tin For Dog Food

Everyone loves popcorn, especially those large tins you get around Christmas time. However, many people end up throwing them away instead of utilizing them for storage purposes. Slap some paint on them, and you have a handy bin to store your dog food or treats for the Fido in your life. You can customize them and make them cute. Inside of throwing the tin away, this storage comes in handy. It is ideal if you have a few pets who require different food. You will be able to store large amounts of food without it going stale.


33. Shower Rods in the Shed

Need a handy way to keep your gardening tools out of the way? Add some shower rods to the inside of your shed door, along with some hooks. You can keep your trowels, hand shovels, trimming shears, and hoses in a neat place where it’s easy to find anything. Just another way to use a shower rail – we keep thinking of these great ideas. Sheds are notorious for getting messy, and this allows you to easily hang things for quick access instead of storing them in boxes that you have to sort through.

Add shelves to the sides of cupboards to open up more counter space in the kitchen. http://homemadeginger1.blogspot.com

32. Storage on your Cupboards

Your shelves are full, and you’re getting tired of having to move things around inside your cupboards just to fit everything. Make some shelving to the sides of your cabinets instead. There’s all that space just ripe for the taking to maximize your storage capabilities. This storage hack is perfect for the cupboards that sit alongside your sink or food preparation area. You can keep the things that are taking up precious counter space on the shelves instead and create a bigger working space for yourself.

Repurposing a wine rack to hold crafting goods is genius, as these cubbies can hold a lot thanks to their depth. https://www.prettyprudent.com

31. Re-purposed Wine Rack

A wine rack can be a great place to store those smaller things you don’t have a place for otherwise. If you’re a crafter, then you’ll like this storage idea even more, as the cubbies are great for balls of yarn. Set up your little craft corner when you can keep everything organized and out of the way. This storage hack is perfect if you have a craft room or a wine rack that isn’t being used. These small compartments are relatively deep so that you can store quite a bit inside them.

Old cupcake tins are great storage solutions for little things like stationary or push pins and paperclips that are hard to store. http://tatteredstyle.blogspot.com

30. Cupcake Tin Storage

Cupcake tins can wear out over time or get rusty to the point that you can’t use them anymore. However, please don’t throw them out; they make great drawer organizers for the smaller items you have, such as push pins, thumbtacks, paperclips, and needles. You’ll also reduce the risk of your fingers getting jabbed when rummaging around in your junk drawer. These fit well into drawers, and you can use them for a variety of things all-around your home and also in your bathroom.

Use a pegboard as jewellery storage as it can easily adapt to what you need and when you get new pieces into your collection. https://www.goodhousekeeping.com

29. Pegboards for Jewelry

Pegboards aren’t just for college. Paint a pegboard a pretty color, include a beautiful frame, and you have a lovely place to store and show off your jewelry. Add a few small cups for your earrings or other assorted items you may have lying around. You can add this above your dressing table, and the great thing about a pegboard is that you can adjust it to what you need. As you get new jewelry or clear out your collection, you can simply shift around the pegs. You can also store your sunglasses here.

Use old tissue boxes to store your plastic bags, and you can easily pull them out when you need to use them. https://www.eliseenghstudios.com

28. Plastic Bag Storage

Don’t throw away those old tissue boxes. They make the perfect storage for the plastic bags you have lying around from groceries or shopping. You may need one for your garbage can, and this provides you with an easy means to keep all of your bags in one place. Other than shoving them into the back of a closet, of course. Simply fold them up and place them on top of each other into the tissue box. Place this inside your car and in your under-sink cupboard. These are the spots that we tend to leave plastic bags lying around.

Hidden cupboards behind mirrors in the bathroom are the ultimate way of adding extra storage into this room. http://www.4men1lady.com

27. Hidden Cupboards

Secret hideaways are always fun, and you can do the same for your toiletries. Create hidden shelves behind picture frames, and no one will be the wiser. You have all the storage you need without having to knock down a whole wall to build more shelves. Having face level storage in a bathroom is essential as it provides much-needed space for things like toiletries. You can hide this away with a mirror in front of it that flaps open to reveal all your hidden toiletries without having to clutter your vanity with them.

Repurposing your old CD holder into a container lid holder will be the best thing that ever happened to your kitchen. https://hip2save.com

26. CD Holder Storage

CDs are already becoming a thing of the past, with the age of MP3 players and digital downloads. Put that CD holder to good use in your kitchen, as it’s the perfect size to store the lids of your plastic containers. Fingers crossed that you never threw your CD holder away because this will be the best thing that has ever happened to you. You can easily use it to store lids or even some side plates that are small enough to fit in these spaces. Organization is key in a kitchen, and little things like this can help.

Add extra shelves to the side of your kid’s dresser to store things like books and toys instead of using space in the dresser. http://www.onthebanksofsquawcreek.com

25. Dresser Storage

Just like your cupboards, there’s much space on the sides of your dressers where you could add more shelves. Keep your kid’s room tidy by using these shelves for their magazines or books so that they’re not strewn all over the floor, for example. You can save the space inside the dresser for their clothes instead of fitting toys and books. This storage hack helps keep the space so much neater, and it has more space for books. Simply build your own or order these shelving units to attach.

Add shelving units above door frames as this adds extra space to a room without taking up floor space that you might need. https://www.simplicityinthesouth.com

24. Over-the-Door Storage

There’s plenty of negative space above your doorways. It doesn’t take much to put up a shelf and create extra space for some storage. Put your linen baskets there or new holiday decor you don’t need at the moment. This storage hack is a great idea, especially for bathrooms or studies. You can keep extra things that you might need up here and don’t use them as often. This type of storage will take up less space and leave you with valuable floor area for more decorative items that add character to the room.

Keep playrooms clean with these magnetic strips that can be attached to walls and the sides of cupboards. http://www.keepingupwiththesouths.com

23. Toys Off of the Floor

This storage idea is the second time magnetic strips are being suggested, and that’s because they’re so great. They don’t need much know-how to install, and they can solve multiple storage problems. Add them to your child’s room, and you can get all of those pesky toy cars out of the way. It’s also a fantastic way to put his collection on display. These will easily snap onto the wall and be out of your way. Kids will probably also love this idea, and it might even encourage them to tidy up after themselves more.

Create your non-slip hangers with the help of some fluffy pipe cleaners on your plastic hangers. Source: goodhousekeeping.com

22. Non-Slip Hangers

Create your own non-slip hangers instead of spending hundreds of dollars on buying them online. We all know how annoying it is when certain clothing items keep slipping off the hangers. No matter how you position them, you always find them on the floor of your cupboard. You could order some special non-slip hangers, or you could do it like this. Wrap fluffy pipe cleaners around the ends of hangers so that the clothing item’s shoulders will sit on this instead of the plastic. This storage hack is perfect for silky clothing.

Keeping your fridge organized is important, but keeping your freezer organized is even more beneficial and saves on time. https://www.practicallyfunctional.com

21. Increasing Freezer Storage

Freezers tend to be the most cluttered areas of the fridge because they don’t have a lot of shelving or space. You can maximize all of that real estate by adding some plastic storage bins to keep everything organized. Keep the frozen vegetables away from the beef and meat, and make it easier to find what you’re looking for without getting frostbite. We tend to keep our fridges very organized but forget about our freezers. Freezers can be so valuable when you have a busy schedule, so make sure to keep them organized.

Use old garment bags to store gift wrap that you aren’t using to keep it safe and free from damage or tearing. https://thechicsite.com

20. Gift Wrapping Garment Bag

Garment bags usually only serve one purpose, but you can give it a new life by repurposing it to hold your rolls of wrapping paper. It keeps them all in one place, and the clear bag shows you the full design of the paper so that you’re not reaching for the wrong one. Wrapping paper gets destroyed quite quickly if it isn’t stored properly. It will be safe in the garment bag’s plastic, and this type of storage is long, so you won’t have to squash the gift wrap inside it.

Use magazine holders to store rolled-up face cloths in either your linen cupboard or your bathroom. https://www.realcoake.com

19. Magazine Holders for Face Cloths

Face cloths are pretty flimsy when it comes to storing them in your linen closet. Give them some protection with these magazine holders so that they’re less likely to fall out. Add some labels so that everyone knows which face cloth belongs to whom. You can also use this in your bathroom if you have space! It’s great to keep them rolled up in the magazine holders and not just accumulating in a big stack next to the bathroom basin. You will also see when you need to restock it from the linen cupboard when the pile gets empty.

Store your scarves using clothespins and a little bit of DIY to keep them beautiful and on display. https://www.sallyannk.com

18. Clothes Pins for Scarves

Do you have many decor scarves? Build your own hanger for all your scarves with just some clothespins. It’s easy enough to hang up to keep everything out of the way, and you can grab exactly the scarf you need for a particular outfit without having to hunt around your home for it. We find ourselves rolling up our scarves and throwing them in the back of our cupboards – this is the worst thing you could do! This simple DIY creation will help you keep your scarves sorted nicely and on display.

Turn your old pizza tray into a memo board that you can keep in the kitchen and keep track of your grocery needs. http://yesterdayontuesday.com

17. Pizza Tray Memo Board

Pizza trays are a dime a dozen, and there’s no guarantee you have the energy to make pizza every night. Put one to good use in your kitchen by adding some magnetic clips to it. Now you have a great place to leave memos and notes to yourself or for your entire family. Prop up the pizza tray on a recipe book stand, and you can leave this in the kitchen with notes and places to keep a grocery list. Add more magnets or useless – you can customize this memo board to precisely what you need.

Add coat hooks to store shoes and not just coats as people can quickly hook over their shoes as they walk into your home. Source: goodhousekeeping.com

16. Coat Hooks For Shoe Storage

If you like people to take their shoes off when they come into your home, make an organized space for this in your home. Use coat hooks and attach them to the wall of the entryway of your home. People can easily hook their shoes over here and then retrieve them when they leave again. This storage hack is also a good idea to put into your kids’ bedrooms, and it will help them keep their shoe collection neat and tidy for you as well. It’s amazing how many things can be transformed to be used differently.

Ice trays make the perfect storage solution for earring as they have just enough space for one pair of earrings. http://yesterdayontuesday.com

15. Ice Tray Earring Holder

Those tiny little pockets in your ice cube tray are perfect for all those earrings you have lying around in a drawer. Keep pairs together always to find them, and designate one pouch for earrings that have missing pieces. You might find them eventually and reunite them to make them whole again. These fit easily into any drawer, and they are super affordable too. You can buy these and stack them on top of each other if you need to save space in a drawer.

Use large cookie jars to store not only your cookies but your cookie cutters as well https://designimprovised.com

14. Cookie Jars for Cookie Cutters

It seems only logical to keep your cookie cutters in a cookie jar instead of strewn around a random drawer. Get the most giant jar you can find if you have plenty of cutters. Alternatively, you can get several so that you can store your cookie cutters by season and holiday. You can keep these on display, or you can store them in a cupboard. Either way, it will be organized, and you won’t have to up-end your entire cookie cutter drawer to find an exact shape that you need.

Make sure to use clever spots for storage like the space under your bed for things like shoes. Source: goodhousekeeping.com

13. Under The Bed Shoe Storage

If you don’t have enough shoe storage in your cupboard, it’s time to find another spot for them. Shoe collections build up over time, and it’s not nice when they are all piled on top of each other. Under your bed is where you should store them. This space is often forgotten about and is perfect for shoes. Purchase a drawer on wheels and put your shoes in here. You can simply pull it out when you’re getting ready in the morning and push it right back when you are done. This storage hack can also be a big drawer so that you will have ample space for your shoes.

Add a small and skinny shelf above your sink so that you can keep decorative items here or dishwashing essentials. https://thehomesihavemade.com

12. Skinny Shelf Over the Sink

Add a narrow shelf over your sink for those small decoration pieces you’ve wanted to show off. You can place framed photos or use the space for extra storage for your dishwashing needs, such as different sponges or another bottle of liquid soap. Shelves are underrated, and the best thing about shelves is that you tend to keep them more organized since they are on display (unlike cupboards underneath the sink). A simple shelf over the sink can work for many things, and it will free up some counter space as well.

reate your own pantry inside a drawer to keep your produce more organized if you don’t have a pantry. Source: goodhousekeeping.com

11. Creating A Pantry Drawer

If you don’t have a pantry cupboard, you’ve probably found that all your cupboards get quite messy from trying to store food inside them. This storage hack is when you should use this mini pantry method. Use small plastic bins inside drawers and cabinets to separate your different food items. You should also label these so that they are easy to locate. Use one bin for vegetables, one for onions, and you can even add one for sneaky treats too. This simple storage idea will help keep your kitchen organized.

Add shelves to your bathroom if it is a small space that is lacking in storage – keep these shelves narrow as well. https://theorderobsessed.com

10. Narrow Bathroom Shelves

Bathrooms are already cluttered as it is with the number of toiletries we have in them. Give yourself some breathing room by adding some narrow shelves to just one wall where you can place your smaller items, even if it’s only hand towels. Shelves don’t have to be big to be able to store things. Instead of adding large shelves to a small space, it will make it feel smaller, pick shelves that are the right size for the space, and add more of them. Add these in a spot that doesn’t get a lot of foot traffic too.

Organizing your fabric will make your hobby more enjoyable and less frustrating when you can’t find what you need. http://www.iheartorganizing.com

9. Fabric Hangers

Those fancy hangers that are used to store pants can be alternatively used to store all your fabrics. Keep them wrinkle-free and out on display for your particular needs — no more hunting for the material you want at the bottom of a drawer. This storage hack is a crafter’s dream, and you’re probably going to go and install this right now if it’s your passion. Simple tricks like this can make your hobby even more enjoyable, and it will make you much more productive as well.

This storage hack is the best way to stack your clutch bags and keep them from falling over constantly in your wardrobe. http://fabulousfashions4sensiblestyle.blogspot.com

8. Keep your Clutches in One Place

Having more clutches than you bargain for seems to a conundrum many women struggle with these days. Keep them organized with this handy wire rack to make outfit coordination much more accessible. Take one out and slip it back in as needed. Clutches are also tough to store as they don’t seem to have the structure of other normal handbags. They always fall over, and often these are the more precious bags that you want to look after. This wire rack will help them to remain upright and stacked properly for your convenience.

Take your hobby around the house with you with this storage solution on wheels that will come in so handy. http://www.abowlfulloflemons.net

7. Organizers on Wheels

Getting everything organized is the hard part; why not make it easier for yourself by choosing an organizer that’ son wheels? This way, if you need to move everything to another room, you won’t have to carry armloads and armloads of plastic containers to another place. Just wheel it behind you, and you’re all set. This storage hack is perfect for someone who enjoys crafting or has a hobby they enjoy in different home areas. Instead of having to go back and forth, trying to get everything you need, it will be stored on wheels.

Use shower hooks to store your handbags properly in your wardrobe instead of lying around on the floor. Source: goodhousekeeping.com

6. Handbag Shower Hook Storage

How do you store your handbags? Not all of us are lucky enough to have beautiful storage specifically for our handbag collections, so we have to get creative. Use these shower hooks to hang your handbags in your closest. They will be kept safe and neat. You can also order them to wear them by pairing them with specific colors or clothing items. This storage hack works for bags of all sizes, from small side bags to large totes. Shower hooks are also very affordable and will fit over your clothing rail easily.

Add storage hooks to your garage walls to hold up brooms, rakes, and bicycles to keep the space neat. https://www.housebeautiful.com

5. Garage Smart Hooks

From rakes and shovels to brooms and bicycles, it’s no wonder that garages are some of the most cluttered spaces. Take a stance and add some practical hooks to your garage walls to keep everything out of the way. You finally have all of these tools out of the way; you’ll be surprised at how much space you have to work with now. Instead of just laying them against the wall, elevate them and store them properly. This storage hack will also help them last longer since they aren’t being knocked around and regularly damaged from being on the floor.

Organize your measuring cup collection by adding hooks to the inside of your baking cupboard and hanging them up in order. Source: goodhousekeeping.com

4. Hang Up Your Measuring Cups

Store your measuring cups on hooks instead of leaving them rattling around in a drawer. If you have a cupboard specific to baking items, add hooks to the cabinet’s door inside or at the back of it. You can easily hook up each measuring cup and label the spot it is meant to be hung. This storage hack is going to be a game-changer for avid bakers. There are also options for getting steel measuring cups and adding a magnetic strip that you can hook them up to instead.

Labeled pantries are one of the biggest trends now, and it does good things for your state of mind. https://www.classyclutter.net

3. Labeled Pantry

You have a great pantry set up in your kitchen, but it’s littered with bags and boxes that eat up much space. Ditch the temporary containers and go for labeled storage jars and baskets for all your produce. It not only looks professional, but you’ll know where everything is at any point in time. It will look like you had the budget to hire the team that did Reese Witherspoon’s closet, but you will be able to take the credit all yourself. Labeling things in the pantry will help your whole family to keep the space organized.

Instead of storing your pots and pans in a cabinet, hang them up on the sides instead of easy access. Source: goodhousekeeping.com

2. Hanging Pots

Rather than store your pots in a cabinet where they are just going to clunk around and get scratched, hang them up. You can hang them on the side of cabinets in your kitchen, and you will be able to access them so quickly. It will look like a pro organizer has visited your kitchen and arranged it like this. The way to organize it is from the biggest to the medium, to the smallest ones at the bottom. You can do this all-around your kitchen, and it will free up a lot of cupboard space.

Store all your hair styling tools in one place by repurposing an old magazine file that you can move around. Source: goodhousekeeping.com

1. Hair Styling Storage

If you are someone who loves styling tools for your hair, you’ll know that you always find it hard to store them. When you put them in a drawer, they get all tangled up with each other. That’s where this repurposing idea comes in. Use your old magazine files to prop them upright, and you can easily pullout which one you need to create your beautiful curls. You can place this on your vanity or below it if you don’t have space. You can also easily tuck this away in a cupboard if you don’t want it on display.