40 Freeholder Pitfalls to Avoid

By Shannon
40 Freeholder Pitfalls to Avoid

It is an investment in your future, and the it just may be place where your family will call “home” for the next 30 years. So it only makes sense that you should be careful before you commit to getting a mortgage and signing any contracts. Real Estate agents are trying to get a commission, so they are not always going to be honest with you about the amount of work that is needed to fix up a house. This is why we have prepared 40 red flags to watch out for before you commit to buying a house.

You don’t want to be living right next to a factory like this. Credit: Shutterstock

40. Keep Away From Industrial Areas

If you can avoid it, do not buy a house near an industrial area. This can be especially dangerous if the nearby factories are spewing harmful chemicals into the air. Throughout history, industrial areas always have higher rates of cancer and lung problems. Companies will always try to fight it in court, saying that there is not enough substantial evidence to prove that there is a link. But local residents would tell you otherwise.

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On top of the polluted air and water, there is usually a lot more noise, and potentially huge spotlights kept on at night, which will make it hard to fall asleep. They are also usually situated near a train track, which will come by several times a day. To make matters worse, these are usually lower income areas with a higher crime rate. Even if you find a house in an industrial area that is a very good deal, it may be for a good reason.