40 Patriotic Decor Ideas to Start any Fourth of July Party with a Bang

Trista - June 11, 2019

July 4th is one of the most celebrated holidays in the United States, so chances are good there’s a party in the neighborhood — maybe you are the host?! Well, if that is the case, you want to impress your guests. Instead of wasting your time trying to figure out what will be a hit or a dud, check out these awesome Fourth of July party decor ideas.


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1. Red and Blue Rimming Sugar

Do you want your cocktails to look as festive as the fireworks in the night sky? Add some pretty sparkling blue and red sugar to your glasses for an added effect! This sweet look doesn’t take a lot of time or effort either. Just line the edge of your glass with watered down honey or simple syrup and dip it into some red and blue sugar.

Whether you desire to wet your whistle with some vodka or a virgin drink is up to you. If you are adding juice to your glass, the kids are sure to want some plastic cups to match. Just imagine having some outdoor fun on the deck with all of your friends and family this Fourth of July.


2. Confetti Balloons

Red, white, and blue balloons on their own are great, and you should have plenty color-combinations of those floating around, too. However, if you want to use some showstopping decor at your party, these clear confetti balloons will make the difference at this year.

The sun will hit those tiny stars from any angle, creating a beautiful backdrop for your selfies and usies. Get ready for the endless compliments on your cool Fourth of July party. And you don’t have to stop there — this type of confetti balloon is perfect for all types of occasions like bridal and baby showers.

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3. Patriotic Mini Dessert Pizzas

Do you desire something small and sweet to round out your day at the grill? These tiny dessert pizzas are the perfect after-dinner delight, combining chocolate, whipped cream, and seasonal fruit. Obviously strawberries and blueberries will easily bring out that Fourth of July feel.

You and your guests aren’t going to be able to hold yourselves back from eating just one. But that’s okay since the fresh fruit is healthy for you! These cute treats don’t take long to put together, but your guests will appreciate your effort all the same.


4. Burlap Table Runner

Not many people give burlap a chance because of its slightly rough texture. However, dyed burlap can really add some color to any table, and this table runner is no different. The colorful spirals clustered together are similar to fireworks.

You can include wiry silver star garlands to it for that added effect. It is readily available if you want to skip the DIY aspect. Keep scrolling to check out a candle holder that doubles as a festive centerpiece similar to this one!

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5. Utensils and Napkin Holders

Paper towels make for boring napkins, and you’re just going to throw them away anyway. Reduce your garbage by giving your guests bandannas instead with their utensils. Also, they can carry everything more easily if it’s all tucked into a mason jar.

These practical holders not only keep your forks and spoons safe from the outdoor elements like ants, but they also double as decor. Changing the colors of the handkerchiefs will easily alter the theme of any party. Red and blue are straightforward Fourth of July options but neon colors can bring out a tropical flair whereas pastels might be perfect for the spring party.

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6. Patriotic Streamers

These fabric streamers are great for placing in the yard if the day is breezy or for your kids to run around with so that they can watch all the colors streaming through the air. Your children will have fun creating these by hand and will feel proud that they managed to put together something so beautiful.

If you are searching for some way to celebrate the Fourth of July weekend with your kids, but don’t have a lot of time or ideas, ripping up streamers is really simple. Wrap them around a geometrical shape of some sort (you could even use a hula hoop!) and hang them with string — wa-la! Pat yourself on the back.

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7. Popsicle Flags

This Popsicle flag is another great craft idea for children that they’ll be proud to show off this summer. You can either buy sticks or go about the fun way of collecting them! Just don’t forget to wash them off first if they are stained with sticky Popsicle juice. After they dry, paint the sticks a variety of red, white, and blue colors that would correspond with the flag.

If you don’t want to stencil paint the stars, glue on some paper cut-outs or foam ones instead. You and the kids made their very own wooden flags they can display in their bedroom. Try this craft project at daycare or a summer recreational class.


8. Party Poppers

When it’s time for the fireworks, pull the ends of these poppers to send the confetti flying! If you can’t wait that long, go ahead and pop these little buggers all day long. If you aren’t sure how the science behind these playful accessories work, maybe you should stick to buying some.

Regardless if you make your own or buy them, check the confetti. Remember to choose stuff that’s easy to clean up or biodegradable if you’re doing this outside. Refrain from using glitter as the microplastics are actually harmful to the environment.

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9. Party Cup Twirlers

We all have a few of those red and blue party cups lying around. Instead of keeping them stored in the back of your closet, you can cut them up to create these twirlers that look great as a backdrop. Just cut your cups in a spiral and tie them up together on some twine for this unique look.

Starting out might feel a little strange if you aren’t into DIY crafts. Get over your fears and get to cutting these cups because you will adore the outcome. Just be careful not to cut the plastic ends too pointy.

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10. Pallet Flag

Reusing pallets is all the rage, and this idea is no different. Apply some paint and distress it for a rustic look. A large metal star in one corner looks excellent too. You can place it by your front door, lean it up against a wall inside, or hang it high in the backyard.

If you don’t want the dig for old planks or paint wood, you can find a DIY person who loves crafts. Search your area for local artists so you can support your community. Not only are you showing off your patriotic spirit, but you might be donating to a great cause at the same time!


11. Mason Jar Luminaries

Did we mention these jars are versatile? You’ll be seeing them many more times on this list. However, this one is probably our favorite! Glue colored tissue paper scraps to the inside and add some tea lights, preferably battery-powered, so you don’t accidentally start a fire.

You can use these colorful lanterns you can use to line your walkway. You’ll absolutely love how this looks when the sun goes down. Even the kids can partake in this Fourth of July project. Encourage them to make it their own because there is no wrong way to do it!

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12. Buzzed Cherry Bombs

If you want a more straightforward dessert to make, grab yourself a jar of maraschino cherries! Drain the jar of all the juice and replace it with vodka. Please leave it in your fridge for a few days. Before the party, dip your cherries into some white candy melts and then some blue crystal sugar.

It is a quick and easy treat for everyone to enjoy. Replace vodka with cola for a kid-friendlier version. Just the sight of this small snack is enough to set your July 4th party off with a bang!


13. Patriotic Bubble Wands

This summer party decor is a great DIY project that will keep your children busy throughout most of the day. Some pipe cleaners, cookie cutters, and beads are all you need to create these festive wands. Just bend the pipe cleaner around the shape of your cookie cutter to create the star and add some beads to create a comfortable handle for kids to hold.

Then take things a step further, and dip the wand into some bubble solution. The kids and adults alike will enjoy blowing bubbles around your yard all day. You’ll take pride in telling your guests you actually made the bubble wands yourself.

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14. Mason Jars Glasses

If you’re worried about running out of glasses for everyone at your party, go for mason jars instead. Wrap the tops with a little twine and add holes in the lids for drinking straws. Mason jars bring a rustic look to any party, and they’re pretty easy for you to get your hands on and upcycle.

Like many other projects on this list, the easiest way to bring in the Fourth of July theme is add red, white, and blue wherever possible. In this case, it is with the straws and the decorative tin holder.


15. Painted Mason Jars

Do you need a nice way to show off your small bouquets? Slap some paint on some mason jars in those patriotic colors to show off your pride. You can place these jars on your serving table, along your front porch, or in your bathroom; put them anywhere that you think needs a little more color for your Fourth of July party.

Compared to some other mason jar projects, this patriotic set looks very sophisticated. It’s a great way to transform a cheap DIY project into a priceless work of art. Your guests will be amazed you made it!

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16. Festive Goody Bags

You’re the host that keeps on hosting! Feel free to give your guests some practical gifts so they can enjoy the party a little more. Complete your goody bags with shades include some small flags and handy bottles of mosquito repellent as well. You don’t want your party to be ruined with tiny biters.

Your friends and family will want to keep coming back to your parties thanks to your generosity! They won’t realize that you got all of those items from the dollar store.

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17. Eraser-Stamped Shirt

If you like DIY crafts, chances are good you have some homemade shirts. Tye-dye is a popular option, but this easy project will bring out your inner artist. Just cut out a star shape in some cardboard and hold it carefully in place, especially if you want clean, crisp edges.

Then, using a pencil eraser and paint, place dots around the shape, making them farther apart as you move away from the star. Ta-da! Your the next Georges Seurat. Go ahead and paint this style on table cloths and other materials, too.

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18. Rocket Party Favors

What kind of July 4th would it be without fireworks? Now you can give one to all your guests without having to worry about anyone’s eardrums bursting! These party favors are a riot, and you can fill them with any goodies you like to match the theme of your party.

It is a fantastic way to recycle toilet paper rolls or paper towel rolls. Simply glue some festive paper on the outside, wrap candy in tissue paper, and stuff it inside the roll. Top it off with a pointed piece of paper to make it look just like a firework.

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19. Paper Star Wreath

This rustic wreath looks like it’s made from metal, but the truth is stranger than you think: it’s actually constructed out of paper. These stars have been distressed with some ink and shading to look like metal. They’re not only easy to hang up, but they won’t dent or scratch your door when it’s swinging around.

Even if your star wreath doesn’t look quite like this one, using the right colors in the correct order will make for a patriotic project you should be proud of!

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20. Americana Scrap Banner

Do you have a lot of scrap fabric? Try to cut them into strips and create a fantastic rustic banner for your party backdrop. It’s a fast and easy way to not only show off your style, but invite all of your friends and family to take pictures together during your event.

If you don’t have any lying around that match this patriotic theme, head to your local fabric store. You might not even have to buy brand new material; check to see if they have some scraps they could sell to you for a low price.

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21. Painted Lawn Stars

Do you have a lot of green space? Maybe you have an oversized yard where your dogs runs while you walk along the garden. You can really make your lawn look festive with these fancy spray-painted stars. Don’t worry; these paints aren’t going to kill your grass because they’re made with construction marking paint.

They’re meant to be used on grass and are very bright so you won’t have to worry about them fading any time soon. It’s a unique idea that is perfect for your favorite holiday!


22. Red, White, and Blue Slushies

These boozy slushies will be delicious at your next party. Combine the tasty flavors of blueberry, vanilla, and strawberry (all with just a touch of vodka). You and your friends will be slurping these down while bathing in the warm rays of the sun. This drink couldn’t be more refreshing!

However, the patriotic flair is really steals the show. Even if your colors of your beverage fade together, top it with whip cream and sprinkles. Scatter blueberries and strawberries on the platter. Complete the ensemble by using the coolest red, white, and blue straws you can find!

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23. Ribbon Flag

You’ll notice there are a lot of fabric strips in these Fourth of July projects, and for good reason. This ribbon flag is pretty easy to put together and has a very romantic feel to it. You can use ribbons, long scraps of fabric, lace, or just strips of bandanna you’ve knotted together.

You might adore something like this as a curtain or door divider; however, don’t forget to include the star-themed section in one corner to complete the look. The last thing to do is put it on display against a wall.


24. Patriotic Ombre Wreath

Here is another Fourth of July DIY wreath that looks absolutely wonderful once you’re done. You’re going to need a lot of fabric for this one, however, if you want that really full look. You will probably spend more time than you think getting all of the strips together as well as gathering them.

Feel free to use a gradient of shades like this example. Otherwise, stick to the stark red, white, and blue. All of it is kept together with an embroidery hoop so you can save money from having to buy a huge wreath frame.


25. Gingham Napkins

It doesn’t matter if you are hosting afternoon brunch or a dinner party; chances are good people will need a napkin, especially if you have a lot of outdoor finger foods. If you want to skip the simple snacks, that means you still need silverware and something to wipe your mouth.

Go classic country with gingham napkins. The checkered pattern brings a lot of color to the table, and a nicely-tied napkin holder can make all the difference too. Add a small sprig of strawberries for an even more authentic country feel. As long as you have these few elements, you can create a truly beautiful napkin set within minutes.


26. Patriotic Paper Chain

Everyone’s made a paper chain as a kid. However, you probably used plain, white computer paper during the winter. This project is similar, but done with patterned paper when it’s warmer, obviously. If some of the other party decor seems intimidating, you can definitely pull this one off!

It’s just going to take a lot of printing, cutting, and tape to get it done. After those steps, string it up around your dining area, and your guests will appreciate your effort to decorate. Your July 4th party decor will be, well, off the chain.

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27. Pool Noodle Firecrackers

Pool noodles are great fun for the pool, but did you know that they’re pretty flexible tools when it comes to decorating? This simple DIY project uses wrapping paper and patriotic tinsel to complete a centerpiece that you can use to decorate your party table.

Cut one long noodle into several shorter pieces and tuck them in mug, bucket, jar, or some other flattering container. Depending how many tables you have, you might only need a few pool noodles for this project.

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28. Paper Rosettes

Folding paper over and over again may seem tedious, but creating these paper rosettes have that fantastic starburst appearance that will make your serving table pop. Play around with different cardstock patterns to find your favorite flower.

Glue a sturdy straw to the back and decorate a holder with some burlap to create a rustic look anyone will enjoy. Tie a red and white bow around the burlap and you are good to go. All of the different elements create a cohesive theme that shouts the Fourth of July.


29. Garden Party

Why not go all fancy for July 4th? Sure, barbecues are nice, but you can dress everything up for a garden affair that everyone will remember for years to come. Have a potluck where everyone brings a dish, dress up the table with some flowers, and set out a plate with some pretty finger food.

Go ahead and be bold with a summer dress and matching hat to boot. If you aren’t sure what type of food or drinks to offer your guests, you haven’t been paying attention. Everything red, white, and blue is acceptable!

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30. Don’t Forget Sparklers

If there’s nowhere near you that’s having a fireworks display then you could have a small one of your own in your backyard. Hand out the sparklers and light them up! Watching the sparks fly is always great fun, and everyone will want a turn.

Is it even the July 4th if you don’t have a sparkler or two present at your party? Even the older kids can have fun, and the younger ones with adult supervision.

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31. Make It a Beach Party

Skip the backyard this year and go out to the beach instead, if you are in a location that offers it. Check to make sure if you need any permits for bringing food or cooking at the beach, as not all beaches allow this kind of thing.

You can go wading while the food is being prepared or get in a quick game of Frisbee to burn off those calories. AS mentioned in the last item, pack some sparklers to light up the night. No matter what you do at the beach on the Fourth of July, you will create fun memories with your friends and family.


32. Flashy Invitations

Most people just send a quick Facebook message these days and consider it a suitable invite. If you want people to take notice of your party, send out colorful invitations to tell them about the event. Contrasting colors are definitely more eye-catching, which is why the white background and black lettering really pops.

Don’t forget to design with some red and blue, too, so your guests know the theme of the party ahead of time. Besides, a good host always appreciate people who take that into account whether it is with their attire or their passing dish.


33. Ribbon Wands

This Fourth of July party decor idea is a fun one for the kids. It’s easy to knot some ribbons around a dowel rod to create a festive ribbon wand.If you are going for festive, obviously using red, white, and blue ribbon is ideal. Glue one piece of fabric to the stick and attach all of the other strands to this individual part.

Your children will have fun running around the backyard, waving their wands. If you haven’t danced with a ribbon wand, have you even lived? Let the kids show off their dance moves or bring out their inner fairy princess with this always fun toy.


34. Star Topiaries

This beautiful DIY project looks pretty fancy, but it’s actually pretty fast and easy to put together. You need a three foam balls to start along with three sticks and buckets. Using white pins, push the colored cut-out starts into the foam. Design them monochromatic, or as a variety of colors in one. Stuff recycled brown paper in the bottom to make your foam balls bloom.

The red, white, and blue colors are a great way to greet your guests at the door. Another perfect spot for these Fourth of July crafts is in your garden. Everyone will appreciate the patriotic decor during your party.



35. Flag Balloon Dart Game

While you’re waiting for the grill to fire up, why not play one of the funniest game of darts possible? Setting up this flag-inspired dartboard is a breeze. Simply have a handful of red, white, and blue balloons, but you might want a couple of extra mouths to help blow them all up! Using a sturdy board, attach eat balloon according to a flag pattern.

This flag balloon display will not only look great in your yard, but it provides for a one-of-a-kind background for pictures at your party. Later that evening, you and your guest will have fun trying to pop the most balloons. Perhaps there’s even a reward at the end for the winner. Alternatively, you might be able to fill some of the balloons with a special trinket for the kids, depending on the size of the prize.


36. Ribbon Centerpiece

The crafty ribbon around a candle makes for a great centerpiece at any table from Fourth of July parties and graduation events to festive weddings. The bright colors work wonderfully for any decor. All you have to do is sew the ends of the ribbon together to create a loop and voila.

Get ready for guests to ask about the bright and sparkly eye-grabbing centerpiece for your table. This particular decor included three types of ribbons, but depending on your level of DIY crafts, you can make it as simple or complex as you wish — the freedom is yours!

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37. Patriotic Door Decor

Frame your door with every red, white, and blue Christmas decoration you can get your hands on this time of the year. Even though it isn’t snowing, your bright baubles and tinsel can still bring out the best for the summer. For the Fourth of July, everyone will adore the extra sparkle!

Keeping the colored theme, it doesn’t even resemble Christmas. However, if anyone tries to heckle you, let them know you celebrate Christmas in July. Don’t have a Grinch bring down your ’tis the season spirit.

38. Sugar Cookie Jello Pudding Shots

The presentation of this patriotic treat really says it all! If you whip up these pudding shots, your friends and family will give you endless compliments. However, they don’t need to know how effortless they really are to make!

Although this recipe uses vanilla-flavored vodka, you can skip it entirely to make a kid-friendlier version! All you have to do is make the pudding and separate it into color-coordinated groups. Add a couple of drops including red, white, and blue food coloring to create these scrumptious layers. Top it off with a star sugar cookie for that cute and whimsical look.


39. Mason Jar Cozies

Everyone loves decorating with Mason jars, right? From rustic weddings to backyard barbecues, these tiny glasses are ideal for a multitude of things. Instead of using boring jars, you can dress them up even more with these crocheted cozies. Decked out in stripes and stars, you can use these jars to hold your utensils. They will instantly give any table that patriotic flair.

Besides, if you are trying your hand at crocheting, this is an excellent DIY project for beginners. After you complete this Fourth of July party decor, there is no stopping you from crafting cozies for all types of holidays. Instead of plastic forks, toss in some flowers, flags, or cold drinks if you prefer!


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40. Tin Can Windsocks

Show off your patriotic side by recycling some old cans lying around. Apply some paint here and there, add some tissue paper streamers, and you have some windsocks that will look quite elegant blowing around in your front yard. It is easy to go with the red, white, and blue theme of the flag.

Use a handy star stencil so it looks more professional, especially if you are a bit of a perfectionist. Attach twine so you can hang the cans from your porch railing or a flag post. Not only will you enjoy the breeze on a hot summer day, but this DIY windsock will create white noise in the background.