40 Rustic Decor Ideas for the Summer Farmhouse

By Trista
40 Rustic Decor Ideas for the Summer Farmhouse

Summer is a beautiful time with the full bounty of nature on display and plenty of warm, inviting weekends to gather with friends and family to celebrate graduations, holidays, and the very season itself. Summer is also the perfect time to do some DIY rustic farmhouse decorating, as so many implements of the farm are meant for summer use. Galvanized metal items, enamelware, watering cans, chicken feeders, and more can all be repurposed to display the floral bounty of the summer, and the colors and motifs of the season pair beautifully with pre-existing rustic decor.



1. Summer Wreath

There are numerous options for creating a beautiful, rustic summer wreath to welcome guests and visitors into your home. For the ultra-thrifty, try looking for a simple wire or twig wreath on clearance from Easter or at a second-hand shop. Pair your simple frame with lush faux florals like magnolias, hydrangeas, or even succulents for a fun tropical look. Ribbon in bold, summer citrus hues can provide a perfect finishing touch.