40 Simple Ways To Upgrade Apartment Decor Right Now

By Trista
40 Simple Ways To Upgrade Apartment Decor Right Now

Congratulations on getting your first apartment! It’s your space to make your own… well, kind of. You probably can’t tear out the carpet and put in wood flooring much less even paint an accent wall. Is it even okay to hammer a nail in the all for a picture? You might have to use adhesive strips.

So the real question is how are you going to transform this cookie-cutter box into a home that reflects your personal style? Worry not — we’ve got 40 great ideas for your apartment decor.



1. Fabric Wallpaper

When renting an apartment, you’re often stuck with white, boring walls. Painting them a nice color takes a lot of time, and you’re going to have to paint it over white when you’re leaving anyway. Instead, you can put up this temporary fix that looks great and adds style to any room.

Get a piece of your favorite fabric and create an accent wall by attaching it with liquid starch. Removing it is as simple as running a wet sponge over it to loosen up the adhesive, and the wall underneath will be as good as new.