40 Spring Decor Ideas That Will Instantly Freshen Up the Dullest Indoor Space

Trista - April 27, 2019

Spring has officially sprung, and most of the country is enjoying warm temperatures, beautiful tulips, and the promise of summer. With the bounty of sunshine and green growth, it’s high time to spruce up your home with some fresh spring decor. Whether you want to go simple with a pop of spring color or entirely renovate a room with lively botanical wallpaper and new furniture, there is a spring trend that will fit your budget and design. Read on for forty spring decor ideas, that are also chock full of hot 2019 home decor trends in general, for your home!


Interior Design Ideas

1. Pastel Accents

Pastel hues have long been a hallmark of spring, often appearing in spring and Easter decor. To make them fresh this year, look for pops of color in bohemian and modern furnishings, like side tables with resin inlays in mint or pistachio. Pastel throws or pillows are another chic way to incorporate pastel hues. If you want to get really bold, pistachio kitchen cabinets are making big waves in design spaces and can create a kitchen incredibly bright and springy.


2. Furniture Makeover

A beautiful way to incorporate spring vibes into your home is giving an old, favorite piece of furniture a dramatic new makeover. An old dresser that has seen better days could use a refinish of mint or pistachio paint to stay on the pastel trend. Driftwood furniture finishing is also making a comeback and can provide a lush tropical look to any space. Floral stacking with wallpaper finishing can also offer a bohemian spring pop to small accent pieces.

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3. Fresh Flowers

While they are typically available all year round, no time is better for bringing in fresh flowers than spring. What better way to chase out all the drafts and cobwebs of a long winter than some bright tulips, cheery daffodils, or fragrant hyacinths? Bud vases are making a comeback, and provide a wonderful, whimsical alternative to traditional tall vases for floral arrangements. Bright jewel-toned flowers like dyed daisies and asters can provide the much-desired 2019 color trend and are cheap and easy to find at any grocery store.


4. Botanical Hues

If it’s time for a fresh coat of paint in any of your rooms, look to botanical hues for inspiration. Rich, mossy greens ranging from pastel to deep, vibrant hues are incredibly on trend for 2019 and bring a vibrancy to any space. Pistachio and mints bring a calmer, more subtle botanical theme. Sunflower yellows and floral jewel tones are attractive accent colors that make any room genuinely pop with lush spring color.

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5. Bohemian Accessories

If you’ve been eyeing a macrame plant hanger or some artsy string lights, spring is the perfect time to bring a bit of Bohemian style to your space. While the overwhelming, cluttered style of Bohemian decorating is played out, Bohemian accents are still incredibly on-trend for 2019. Bohemian accents in crisp white, natural fabrics, linens, lighting, green hues, and pastel shades are all wonderful ways to introduce pops from this bold, beautiful style into your home.

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6. Plants, Plants, and More Plants!

Houseplants are a significant trend for 2019 decorating, and spring is the perfect time to raid your local nursery or garden center for some indoor beauties. There is a houseplant for every taste, from wispy, delicate ferns to bold and beautiful monsteras and fiddle-leaf figs. Mix and match leaf colors and textures to create a pop of visual interest. Look for trailing plants like pothos or philodendrons to make a bright window instantly whimsical.

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7. Faux Florals

If you have allergies or pets that make indoor flowers an unsafe option, faux florals are an easy, inexpensive way to bring some lushness to your indoor spaces. Fake flowers have come a long way, and beautiful, realistic plants from succulents to orchids can now grace your home without making it feel like your grandmother’s sewing room. Incorporate faux florals into mixed media displays, create fake succulent or air plant displays in unique pieces of pottery or stoneware, or simply make a stunning floral centerpiece.


8. Fresh Lighting

Bring the sunshine of spring indoors with updated lighting. Spring is the perfect time to add lamps to that corner you’ve always wanted to brighten up and add new ambiance. Alternatively, screw in a bulb with a different color or warmth to pre-existing lighting. Look for warm lights and any bulbs that mention outdoor or sunlight feel. If you have a corner full of plants, consider adding aquarium or grow lights to an existing lamp to create a truly tropical feel.

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9. Rustic Accents

While Mason jars and chicken wire may be done to death, in terms of rustic decor, there are still plenty of rustic options that can bring a bit of farm chic to your spring decor without looking tacky or dated. Iron and other natural metal finishes are on point for 2019, so old door knockers and other rustic pieces of iron decor could add a beautiful and surprisingly elegant accent while maintaining a country air.

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10. Cheery Yellows

Between tulips and daffodils, few colors are more intrinsically linked with spring than bright, cheery butter yellows. Yellow is a pop of color that can be incorporated in any room in many different fashions, whether it’s a new bedspread, fabric headboard, kitchen linens, chair, bookcase backdrops, and more. Yellows are available in such a wide range of shades ranging from warm to cool undertones that it’s hard to conceive of a space that couldn’t benefit from a little pop of yellow this spring.


11. Ribbons

Ribbons, especially in beautiful spring colors, can add a delicate bit of whimsy to spring home decor. Look for pillows and throws that incorporate ribbon detailing. Use brightly colored and contrasting ribbons as curtain ties or shade pulls. Weave ribbons into a favorite bit of wicker or reeded decor. Tie ribbons around a favorite vase or centerpiece to brighten up a table. If you want to stay particularly on-trend, look for fabrics made from natural fibers like cotton and jute, and keep a special eye out for pastel, green, and jewel-toned colors!


12. Update Your Fragrances

From oil diffusers to wax warmers to incense, there are numerous ways to infuse your home with a plethora of rich, scintillating aromas. Many homes are probably still in winter mode, with gourmand and spicy scents fit for the winter holidays. With spring knocking on the door, it’s time to update your fragrances to crisp linens, vibrant spring florals, or even light citrus notes. While it’s always sad to say goodbye to the cinnamon and cloves of the holidays, a lighter and brighter scent will coordinate with all of your spring home decor updates.


13. Put a Bird On It

Portlandia’s Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein really weren’t wrong when their designer characters cheerily proclaimed to just “put a bird on it” to spruce up home decor. Migratory birds are an eternal sign of spring, with beautiful and diverse warblers and sparrows passing through much of the United States each spring. Bringing bird motifs into your spring design, whether it be chickens or canaries, is a whimsy way to honor this part of nature and add a bit of cheer to your decor. Look for bird prints on pillows, or try incorporating a wood or stone accent piece in the shape of a favorite bird.

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14. DIY Stenciled Doormat

Have you been looking for a new doormat to catch all that spring mud, but you haven’t been able to find one that’s quite right? Try heading to your local craft supply store and checking out the stencil selection. There is typically a wide range of sayings and shapes to choose from, and with a little bit of time, masking tape, outdoor rated acrylic paint, and clear sealant you can make your own custom stenciled doormats. Dogs, funny sayings, flowers, the sky is the limit. If you’re truly crafty, you could even make your own stencil for a fully customized doormat to uniquely welcome visitors into your home.

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15. Floral Table Runner

Whether it’s real flowers, faux flowers, or only a floral pattern, a floral-themed table runner will instantly add a bit of spring to your meal times. Succulents or other small live flowering plants in bud vases or small pots along a cotton or linen table runner will give a rustic, natural look while bolder faux florals or patterns can be matched to any design theme. Incorporate ribbons, especially in pastels or jewel tones, to tie-in other hot 2019 trends.


16. Flower Chandelier

Much like a floral table runner, a flower chandelier can add a bit of botanical elegance to a dining or living room. For the truly ambitious designer, try a vining plant like a pothos, philodendron, or strawberry geranium as the center of a pre-lit chandelier, or surround a beautiful hanging pot with string lights for a more rustic charm. Faux vines and trailing plants can be woven through chandeliers as well for a care-free look that only requires dusting. Either way, floral chandeliers can make any room feel like a warm, breezy porch.

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17. Spring Wreaths

Alongside doormats, wreaths are another fantastic way to welcome people to your home for Easter gatherings, spring cook-outs, and more. In warm climates, consider using some hardy vining plants on a moss wreath frame for a stunning living wreath. In colder climates, combine traditional spring faux flowers like daffodils, tulips, crocus, and hyacinth with natural fiber ribbons in beautiful spring colors for a pleasing sight. Butterflies and birds are additional accents that are on-trend for spring 2019 and can really make a wreath pop!


18. Seasonal Throw Pillows

Throw pillows are a fun and relatively inexpensive way to mark the changing of seasons. Along with throws, changing up the cushions can freshen up a room instantly without having to go to the lengths of changing wallpaper, carpet, or furniture. For spring patterns and colors, look for botanical prints, birds, and butterflies to bring some of the beauty of the outdoors inside. For colors, the sky is the limit with greens, pastels, and jewel tones all being very on-trend for 2019. Metallic finishes are also al the rage this year, so a bright silver or bronze metallic pillow could add polish to a spring space.

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19. Light Linens

What could feel better than finally being able to take all of the heavy, winter bedding off and replacing it with fresh, light linens for spring and summer sleeping? Look for bamboo, cotton, and linen sheets instead of dense, hot flannel, fleece and jersey. Pastel, vintage-looking quilts bring whimsical Bohemian energy to spring bed linens, especially when a floral-on-floral look is created with contrasting floral accessory pillows. Play around with colors, textures, and prints with your bedding to make a fresh spring resting place.


20. Mint Statement Piece

Mint is one of the ‘it’ colors for spring. It’s pale enough to almost act as a neutral, yet vibrant enough to draw the eye and make a statement. Try adding a mint accent piece, like an ottoman or side table, to infuse some cool spring elegance without totally redoing a room. Mint cotton or muslin drapes can add brightness and a sense of height and size to a small room. For the truly bold, consider mint kitchen cabinets to compliment an otherwise white kitchen. It’s a versatile color that manages to be both calm and inviting, so play around with it!


21. Tropical Vibes

From houseplants to wicker or rattan furniture, it’s easy to make a strong tropical statement with just a few well-chosen pieces. For a dining room, considering adding a large ficus tree and replacing your old chairs with rattan or wicker. For a living room, try a jungle corner full of bright light and numerous tropical plants of varying heights, colors, and textures to give truly untamed energy to the space. Tropical prints on pillows or throws can add a warm, sunshine vibe, especially when paired with a rattan side table.


22. Colorful Carpet

Don’t worry, avocado green shag isn’t back (yet.) However, bright pops on otherwise neutral carpets are a fantastic way to work some beautiful colors, and possibly even on-trend color-blocking, into your home. A neutral rug with soft, flowing patterns of color are incredibly on-trend and can make a room instantly feel modern and updated. Small area rugs featuring color-blocking in trendy colors like pistachio or warm, sunny yellows are an excellent way to try out bright flooring without committing to a bold carpet throughout an entire room.


23. Sheer Curtains

Nothing says warm, sunny days like a spring breeze, heavily laden with lilac scent, gently moving a sheer curtain. Sheers curtains will always be timeless and elegant, and they will add joy and beauty to any room they grace. Look for lace, sheer muslins, and other barely-there fabrics. For an even trendier take, try a sheer that has embroidered botanical or floral designs. On the other hand, you could do a bold pop of color since the sheer texture will mute its impact.


24. Painted Floors

If you have some wood floors that are past their prime, consider painting them instead of getting them refinished. A brightly painted wooden flooring can give any room a cozy, lake house vibe. Try a rugged, floor approved paint in mint or pistachio in a white kitchen. Consider a sunny yellow color in a child’s bedroom or craft room. For a bedroom, a barely-there wisteria or lilac could give an elegant finish with just a hint of rustic farmhouse. Painted floors are a bit of a commitment to maintain but provide a truly unique look.


25. Chintz Fabrics

While they have long been associated with grandma’s china cabinet and estate sale furniture, Chintz fabrics are making a comeback with updated colors and styles that can fit into any modern home. To try out a Chintz vibe, place a small chintz pillow or delicate throw on a solid color couch to let the small floral prints definitely pop. For a bolder take, try a Chintz wallpaper as a statement wall or in a washroom. For a child’s dresser that has seen better dies, try refinishing it with Chintz wallpaper.

Rough Linen

26. Linen Bedding

Cotton has long been king, but linen is working hard to stake a claim in home decor, especially when it comes to bedding. Made from the fibers of the Flax plant, which also provides valuable and nutritious seeds, linen textiles are soft and more environmentally friendly than cotton. Pure linen sheets are, unfortunately, considerably more expensive than cotton, but it’s worth it to splurge on one quality, luxurious set to enjoy the cool softness of spring.

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27. Orchids

Orchids have a reputation for being a fussy hothouse plant, some of which is well deserved. However, with modern advances in substrates and fertilizer, orchids can be kept by those with even a mildly green thumb. Orchids are a truly stunning plant with their long, thin stems crowned by large vivid flowers. They are widely available in garden centers every spring so go ahead and add an exotic, tropical feel to any room. Read up a bit on care before buying one, and you will be rewarded with a gorgeous sultry accent in your home.


28. Jewel Tone Pops

Jewel tones really run the entire color spectrum, from gorgeous sapphire blues to pale amethyst purples, from deep blood-like carnelian to verdant, glittering emerald. What a wonderful color family to choose from for one of 2019’s hottest home design trends! Whether you incorporate it through textiles, wall art, paint colors, carpet, or bedding, adding a splash of jewel tones anywhere in your home will lend an air of sophistication that cannot be overlooked. Pair any jewel tone with one of 2019’s other trends in metallic finishes, and you will have a truly luxe statement piece.

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29. Crystals

Whether or not you attribute any sort of power or energy to crystals, they make beautiful design accents for any space. Jewel tones and pastels are both on-trend for 2019, so there is an incredibly wide range of gems that would be beautifully complimentary for any spring design plan. Amethysts and pastel quartz shades would pair wonderfully with gauzy throws and mint pieces, while bolder geodes and darker crystals could jazz up a floral-on-floral space. Crystals are still trendy right now, so they are relatively easy to find in home decor and discount stores.

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30. Lucite and Acrylic Pieces

Spring often feels airy and ephemeral, with its windy days and drastic temperature fluctuations. That nature is captured beautifully by lucite and acrylic furniture, which brings a modern whimsy while still being structurally sound and highly functional. Now available in far more styles than the traditional mid-century modern from which it originated, a lucite or acrylic end table can dramatically update a space with its uniqueness, especially if paired with a resin or acrylic top in a spring-friendly color like mint or icy blue.

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31. Indoor Trees

Yes, indoor trees. This decor isn’t as intimidating as it sounds, as many beautiful trees can grow inside at only dwarf sizes. Lemons, limes, and other citrus trees can be pruned to stay manageable indoor sizes. Their sweet-smelling flowers in early spring are an amazing benefit alongside their beautiful foliage. Dwarf banana trees are another excellent option, with broad, thick leaves reminiscent of birds of paradise plants. Non-fruit bearing options like fiddle-leaf figs, rubber trees, and other ficus species can also grow to be quite large and majestic and are absolutely stunning whether alone or as a centerpiece of a jungle corner.

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32. Butterfly Accents

The butterflies are back, baby! Both in real life and decor, butterflies are the embodiment of our homes (and ourselves) after winter; breaking out of their long protective slumber and emerging into beauty and grace. Alternatively, at least that’s what everyone is aiming for with this concept design. Levity aside, butterfly wallpaper, draperies, kitchen linens, bedding, and pillows are all wonderful ways to bring the delicate beauty of butterflies indoors. Wall art of butterflies or butterfly centerpieces for a dining or side table are also very on trend.

A Touch of Class

33. Florals on Florals

Don’t be intimidated by the 2019 spring trend of florals on florals; it’s a surprisingly easy design that will look effortlessly chic and high-fashion in your home. For a bathroom, try pairing a light colored floral wallpaper with a dark floral shower curtain. In your living room, match a floral rug with a contrasting floral throw or pillow. If you are feeling quite bold, get a floral accent chair with contrasting throw or cushion. Play around with various colors and styles of decorative prints to see what flowering combination you enjoy the most!

Birds and Blooms

34. Kitchen or Windowsill Gardens

It’s hard to resist the urge to start seeds in spring since it’s such a beautiful celebration of the season. Small kitchen or windowsill gardens of herbs and vegetables are an adorable and whimsical addition to homes that bring the warmth and promise of spring indoors. There are countless kitchen garden kits available at major retailers, or you can try thrifting some unique fun pots to make your own eclectic bohemian garden. Starting a small indoor garden is also a great design project for children.


35. Vertical Gardens

Houseplants can tend to look cluttered if one has too many, with terra cotta pots covering every inch of flat surface and filling every window. However, if minimalism is more your style, don’t worry; vertical gardens are a beautiful, elegant way to incorporate houseplants into your decor without giving in to clutter. Bookcases, leaning desks, tall plant stands, and more can all be used to store house plants in a single, vertical space that reduces the appearance of clutter and makes plant care much more straightforward.


36. Jungle Corners

Nothing says spring like a beautiful wooden chair in a corner, with a lovely pastel pillow and white gauzy throw under a bright light surrounded by lush, tropical foliage. While this may sound like a dream, it is easily achievable with houseplants! Garden centers often have large, showpiece tropical plants available in spring including peace lilies, parlor palms, birds of paradise, rubber trees, and more. Try combining various heights, colors, and textures of foliage to create a dense, wild look that draws the eye throughout the space.

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37. Color Blocking

Color blocking is a stunning way to incorporate bold hues into your home while still looking incredibly high fashion. Combining various shades of greens, pastels, or jewel tones will keep your space amazingly on trend for the year. Draperies are a great way to incorporate color blocking, but think outside the box as well and try painting the back walls of bookcases or shelving units in color blocking for a dramatic pop of color!


38. Botanical Art

If you want to bring a bit of nature inside but have allergies, pet, or child limitations on bringing actual live plants into your home, consider botanical art. Far from just fake flowers, there are countless ways to incorporate the beauty of the botanical world into your home. Consider a vintage-style botanical drawing of a favorite flower or vegetable. If you’re into pop art, try a print of a vintage decorative seed packet.

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39. Whimsical Wallpaper

Wallpapers are making a splash again in far more diverse colors, textures, and patterns than ever before. Wallpapers have indeed grown as an art form, and a statement wall or even an entire room featuring a whimsical, spring-inspired wallpaper can truly redefine a space. Look for botanical prints in pastel shades, pops of jewel or floral-toned colors in flowing patterns, or floral patterns. While floral designs may sound dated at first glance, they are now available in many styles to match with any decor type.

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40. White, Delicate Throws

Spring still often features chilly nights, so don’t pack up all of your couch throws just yet. White, delicate throws in sheerer fabrics are a beautiful addition to any spring decor and can keep you comfortable. Loose knits of thinner fibers, cotton throws, and linen throws are all ideal lightweight materials that add an elegant, airy look without sacrificing too much warmth. These throws can even carry over into summer with their ethereal cloud-like vibe.