40 Ways to Enhance the Exterior of a Home

By Trista
40 Ways to Enhance the Exterior of a Home

Taking care of your beach house can be an endeavor in and of itself. There’s weather to think about, neighbors, and making it stand out from the rest of the beach houses on your block.

Don’t resort to the garish means of shoving pink plastic flamingos in your front yard either. Check out these beautiful ways to transform your dull yard into a coastal beauty. You and everyone in your neighborhood will complement your property as they walk by on their morning stroll!



1. Lots of Flowers

Nothing makes your beach house feel more summery than having greenery that will bloom year after year. Planting perennials in your garden is an easy way to have flowers coming back each and every year.

Although there is a plethora of choice to pick from, the pale pink of these blossoms is perfect for any exterior. They give off that coastal appearance by making your beach house feel lighter and airier. A great choice if the exterior is painted all white or a dark color — either way you will love the updated curb appeal.