Americans Regret Buying a Home in These Big Cities

Julia Clum - December 15, 2022

Honolulu, Hawaii

Hawaii seems like a gentle, tropical paradise. Everyone dreams of visiting at least once, and many others dream of retiring there. You should visit, but think twice before moving there. There’s more to Honolulu than a few pretty beaches. For one, people who try to change the existing culture are miserable there. The locals are set in their ways and will view any pushiness as an entitlement. Once you are perceived as rude, absolutely no one will feel pressured to help you out.

If you’re coming to Honolulu to retire, good for you. If you’re coming as a young person, you will be hard-pressed to find a job. Remote work and hospitality are your only main options. Raising children is difficult in Honolulu; they will most likely have to move away to find jobs. The last reason, Hawaii is isolated. You may be drawn into its beauty now, but you will be very far from your relationships on the mainland. Honolulu is a wonderful city, but it’s much harder to live in than most imagine.

Omaha, Nebraska

Omaha is known for two things: a great zoo and being located in Nebraska. If you move there, prepare to be bored. The most exciting thing that happens is the tornados that pass through. In fact, Omaha is situated right on the main path of “Tornado Alley.” The winters are cold, and the summers are rainy. People come to Omaha to buy cheap property, then get hit in the face with a high property tax.

Even born and bred Nebraskans agree Omaha is not worth moving to. While it harbors some great universities, the public schooling system is actually quite poor. Lastly, Omaha is very isolated. Even with an airplane, it takes several hours to get anywhere worth going, and longer by train or car. If you have any interest in traveling, Omaha is not the place for you.

Washington D.C.

D.C. has experienced a serious exodus. In 2020, 18,000 more residents left D.C. than the year before. This was probably due to the freedom that remote work gave them during the pandemic. D.C. has no lack of critics; hundreds of people responded to this thread explaining why they hate D.C. The top complaint in every big city is traffic, and of course, D.C. is no exception. The people are also known to be cold and unfriendly. One user even reported out of all the places they’ve lived, they found D.C. the hardest place to make friends.

Another major flaw with D.C. is everyone is required to pay federal taxes, and they have no representation in congress. This is wildly unconstitutional. Furthermore, 18% of residents live below the poverty line. Last, and the worst reason, is that your school or workplace dictates your social class in D.C.. This attitude helps people float through life on nothing but their reputation.

Memphis, Tennessee

Last, but not least, we have Memphis, Tennessee. Even locals freely admit that Memphis is a terrible place to live, and they don’t understand why people move there. They’ve got everything: high crime rates, high poverty rates, limited public transport, and a shrinking population. Many residents just shift on over to Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Residents also note that it’s less developed than other cities, getting staple chain corporations like Trader Joe’s later than other cities. It is about a two-hour drive for any outdoor activities. However, Memphis is not completely without upsides. Locals love the food, the music, and the energy of the city, but if you didn’t grow up there, it’s probably best to stay away.